Lily's New Wig =)
Lily has a new wig =) What do you think? I really love it on her. She reminds me of Papin in it, lol!

New Wig for Lily

Also, William got some new PJ's made by Jen smile The weather is terrible here today and the light is very bad so I couldn't do many photos today.

William's PJ's
[Image: familya.png]
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oh i love his pjs! - hes so lucky yay
Awww I love that wig on Lily! She is a cutie pie :-) I love the pjs as well!
I love the new wig for Lily, and the PJs are adorable. I plan on getting a few sets for my dolls later this year. ^^
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Her new wig is so cute!
And the pj's really bring out his hair color. smile
Thanks everyone!

And Jen, yes! The PJ's really do look good with his hair smile
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Awww, cute! I love the new wig--it's like the color of cotton candy, and it really looks nice on her. Is that a LIV outfit that Lily is wearing, btw?

The pjs by Jen look great also. The black & gray goes well with his coloring...
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Lily looks great in that wig! And that top she's wearing is just *love*.
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Thanks guys!

Yes, the top she is wearing is a Liv top. Well. It is like a tunic/dress.

Here is another photo of Lily in her wig. She looks a bit preppy here but in a good way smile

[Image: familya.png]
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Love that wig! And great new pic; it's a great complete look grin
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She is beautiful with that wig! I like her ^^
Lily looks amazing! yay She's so cute. And so is William. LOL
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