Feedback for Marsha
Hi, this is my feedback thread. Thanks!!

+1 as an awesome buyer! Smooth transaction and great commincation! Would definitely love to deal with you again! ^^
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1+ as a buyer - purchased three Dal stock sets from me. Thanks!
My feedback:

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Have done sales and trades with Marsha many times.
She's great!
Trusted and recommended.
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+1 positive as Buyer
Thanks Marsha!
Great comunication and fast payment.
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+1 buyer
Very happy to do business with you! Thanks again!!
+ 1 as a buyer.
Lovely girl and very understanding (since I forgot to add a stock card in!) and paid on time! =)

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La Robe Vert Clair Favorite Ribbon Prupate x 2
Yeolume x 2 Puki JouJou x 2 Maretti
Sucre Chanti Heart Macaron

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+1 Positive for Marsha, a great buyer! Fast payment!
+ 1 as a wonderful buyer.

Thank you. smile
+1 as a buyer - she paid promptly. yay

Additionally, she was really sweet and let me know when the items arrived. Thank you again. ♥
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+1 positive buyer. Marsha is extremely sweet. She paid promptly, and responded to all IMs in a timely manner. Glad your girl made it home safe, can't wait to see pictures of her mingling with her new fam! smile
+ 1 as a buyer
Marsha bought Dal Tweety's stock from me and we had absolutely lovely communication and a great transaction. I can fully recommend her. She's a sweet and reliable buyer!
Thanks, dear.

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