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Challenge 5 - Discussion
Challenge 5 History - Entries

TrotCon 2017 - Kana's Secret Base: Pokemon Collection - Dragon Adventures Crafting
[Image: 33576409126_99f0b825d1_o.png]
Aribelle Izumi - Tsuki Izumi - Kyouka Hibiki - Zenzi Barenfang - Pita Pepper - Parfait Pepper - Myuu - Peanut Bucker - Lumisade Peura

I really love the pic of Requiem´s Pajelle and CuddleMonkey101´s Lily both are so cute ^^
[Image: signatur.jpg]
My favorites this round are definitely Requiem's and TrueFan's. But I also really liked the witch burning by Hina and the guillotine by Taquito King! (Hmm, I like violent ones...probably something to say there.) There were a lot of interesting history periods chosen, too. smile
Hahahaha, I laughed SO HARD reading the quote on Justice's photo! LOL Too funny!

I'm really impressed with everyone's costume's this round! Way to go, everyone!
I think KiraKira's entry stood out to me the most, a really stellar shot, over all. I also loved her handmade crossbow, super creative!

And Vanie's interpretation of the theme was my absolute favorite, especially how she tied in history class and the play on words. It was brilliant.
I especially enjoyed Katsu Curry and the guillotine, Lark Tamago as Joan of Arc, Lily as the Statue of Liberty, Moe and the apple, Pajelle and the Trojan Horse, and Puchiko as Rosie the Riveter.

It's great how so many people found an idea and went with it even though they had trouble with the theme. I always enjoy all the photos.
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2025. The theme is The Secret Garden.
My favs were Molly and Puchiko this round smile
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