Father Rozen's Feedback
Unfortunately, I have no ebay account. The only feedback I could produce, if needed, would be from the Living Dead Dolls Forum. I have +25 there under the name Old greGORY.

As a Buyer:
Positive: +4
Neutral: 0
Negative: -2

As a Seller:
Positive: 0
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0
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+1 as a buyer
whole transaction went nice and smooth.
hope you enjoy your new doll members!
This is the first time doing not positive feedback for flaking, but unfortunately I am tired of being strung along.

I was asked to hold items pending payment via mail order. I provided my personal information. Other buyers wanted some of these items and I had to turn them down. I beleive I had committment so edited my pics. Nine days later I am told items are no longer desired. It wasn't much money, but it took up my time and disappointed other potential buyers.
Also adding my two cents regarding Father Rozen's behavior as a flaky buyer. A couple months ago, Father Rozen contacted me via PM about some items that he was interested in. I was asked to provide my mailing info and to expect a money order from him in the mail. I edited my thread & photographs and turned away an interested party from the items now on "hold, pending payment" from Father Rozen. A couple days later, Father Rozen sent me a PM saying that something came up and the funds were no longer available and won't be paying for the items after all.

It was a waste of time, and Father Rozen is on my "Do Not Deal With" list.
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I had a wonderful transaction with Father Rozen. He asked me to hold items and sent me a money order for the agreed amount. Once I received the money order the items were shipped.

All around smooth transaction and wonderful communication.

Bought a doll from me and paid promptly by Money order exactly when he said he would!
+1 as a buyer! Very prompt payment, friendly, and easy to deal with. smile

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