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+1 all the way, bought a clothes lot form me! Everything went perfect! thanks!
+1 for being a fabuloustatic buyer! Super fast payment, great communication! Thank you!

+1 as a buyer~ Very pleasant to deal with and fast payment, definitely recommended!
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+1 as a buyer. Perfect, pleasant, great communication! Friendly at all times as well. smile Thank you for a perfect transaction.
+1 for buying a wig and letting me know it arrived, thanks!
+1 Very nice buyer with quick payment for a wig. Thank you! grin
+1 as buyer

ShepVet bought a Celsiy head from me and was so pleasant to deal with. She had great communication, prompt payment and over all a very smooth transaction. Thanks so much.
+1 as a buyer. Super friendly, quick responses, and prompt payment. Couldn't asked for an easier transaction! Thank you!
+2 as a buyer/splitter! We did 2 splits and she payed exactly when she said she would, and has been very patient & held awesome communication throughout the entire transaction. Thanks so much for everything & I hope you love the stocks!
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thx to JennyCupcakes
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+1 Great buyer as usual! Friendly, highly recommended by me! Thanks!
+1 as a buyer, very smooth transaction! Thanks for giving Melize such a good home grin
+1 She paid on time for her part of the FMD GO. She was also very patient and understanding when I had some personal issues come up and I wasn't able to ship the wigs when I said I was going to.
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+1 as a buyer. Fast payment and very pleasant to deal with. Thank you! yay

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