Feedback for cmair1202
+1 as a Buyer
Purchased a blue wig from me. Quick communication and fast payment. Thanks!
+1 for a great split - she took Raikis stock off my hands - great person to deal with as always ^^
+1 as a buyer

Bought a MH Abbey Bominable from me. Great communication and prompt payment. Thanks! smile
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Wanted: Black Angelic Pretty outfit and Harley Quinn's stock FULL WANT LIST
+1 for a split

Everything smooth, a very pleasant deal. Thank you! smile
applecandy mela. Get yours at
LOOKING FOR: nudeAlberich, Alberich eyechips, nude Asuka, nude Sol, nude Rayne, MIB or NRFB Lala, Suiseiseki & Souseiseki stock wigs, cheap Filato stock wig, MIB or NRFB Another Queen, nude AQ, nude Chelsea, nude Naomi, nude Haute LA, any Pullip head, any bloomers or petticoat or apron.
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+1 for a lovely, lovely seller! The item was sent and arrived promptly and she even sent me a Christmas card! One of the nicest people I've dealt with, definitely!
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+1 as an organiser of a GO to help international boardies smile

Christy went out of her way to offer to order very cheap dolls from EE, get the free delivery to her place, then ship them to us (wherever we were LOL ) She even offered to debox the dolls to save more money. I got Charlemagne at a VERY low price, perfectly mint and gorgeous. Christy kept me updated every step of the way, took photos, ordered & shipped immediately - in general, one of the most helpful & thoughtful people on the forum smile
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
Bought a foot from cmair1202! It arrived quickly and I was able to repair my broken doll! Communication was fast and friendly! Thank you so much!!
+1 for hosting a GO to help collectors overseas. Christy was polite, and patient with answering questions - which she responded to very promptly. She shipped the doll (Stica) quickly and re-packaged her perfectly and safely. She arrived in mint condition and I am so grateful for everything. :-)
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Looking for:
Papin and Chill

+1 for receiving my Eos Sticky Notes fast and in perfect condition smile
+1 as a buyer, purchased Arietta's jacket and bag from me, great communication and payed promptly.
+1 as a great GO host to help other collectors outside US, just like me smile She is very kind, and responded to every pms I sent her. She made sure my Alberic is in good condition while in transit for she packaged him really well. She even gave me a lil discount for Alberic cuz I was supposed to buy William which went out of stock. She never asked me to pay for the difference of two dollies yay You are a great fellow collector. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu! smile
Doll wishlist: Byul Paulia/Taeyang Richt

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+1 for a great sale

bought Kaelas stock from me and was a pleasure to work with ^^
+2 as a seller

The amigurimi frog and keropi inspired lovey I ordered arrived today - cmair1202 was a fantastic communicator throughout the transaction and really helpful! The items are beautifully made and Ronnie absolutely loves her new friend- thank you!! grin
+1 again

bought a few of those Ikowa animal erasers from me - paid quickly and was understanding when i coudlnt ship them right away due to an illness ^^
+1 as a seller

I purchased a lovely Filato from cmair1202 and I am so happy with him! He arrived as described and packaged safely! Thank you!

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