PrettyPullip's Feedback
+1 for being a great buyer! Thanks for the great communication and fast payment. grin
Recieved my Reforma stock on Saturday. It's great. Was an easy transaction. Pleasure to deal with you. Thank you!
+1 for a nicer buyer. Thank you very much!^^
+1 as an excellent seller!!
Thanks for lovely gift,my girls love it.
Highly recommended!!
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I apologize for lateness ^^;
+1 as a seller again I bought a few of her headbands and two type 4 bodies from her. Communication was friendly, stuff arrived quickly and securely packaged. Could not be happier grin
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+1 nice seller, friendly, very good communication smile
+1 for organising my Prunella

Liz was sweet, patient & a pleasure to talk to. Thankyou smile
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for a great seller, she was responcive, kind and a great communicator. i bought a wig from her and it came well packaged, in perfect condition and quick to arrive. it even smells nice!!!! Whacked'

she also sent a little gift that i adore. and so does my kitten. i have to keep an eye on her always now.

i can see my paycheck flying out the window and into liz's wallet.
"come back money... noooo... OooOoh! stuff! grin"
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Wonderful seller! I love my Momoko! yay
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+1 as a buyer. simply lovely to work with!
+1! Wonderful seller; everything was perfect and pleasant! Thank you so much! LOL
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+1 as a seller

My order from her Doll Carnival shop arrived today and my Pullips are delighted with their new gorgeous little headbands and hoodie! She even included a free gift smile Absolutely perfect and friendly communication. Many thanks.
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+1 as a perfect seller of 3 dolls!
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