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Sweet Nicole (HNY)
Some days ago I built myself a mini "photostudio" and to try it out I made a photo session with my beloved Nicole where she's modeling for my self-made sweets.
Taking these pics was so funny!
I hope the pics are not too "dirty"- if so please tell me- then I apologize. Sweatdrop
I hope you like the pictures. blush





Thanks for looking!

Ohhhh I love this. very sexy and cute ^^

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Very cute!
Aw, I love Haute NY! Those sweets are really cute, did you make them out of Sculpey?
Tahnk you all!yay

@Bohemian: I don't know Sculpey, I used Fimo (some kind of modeling mass) and put real sugar beads on the tops.
Sculpey is pretty much the same thing as Fimo, it's that clay stuff that comes in different colors. I think they're just two different brands.
Cute! Love her sexy panties!

Hot! Very creative. smile
Thanks, Lilcurly and PrettyPullip! yay
She's really a hottie! ♥
What a sexy girl! Look at those lips! 8D
Eep! Sexy!
also buy my dolls

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