Edmund and Eve
Edmund and Eve. My current favorite couple. smile

[Image: 5060931565_5d5ccf5502_z.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3276r.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3280r.jpg]

[Image: IMG_3270r.jpg]

Thank you for viewing. smile
oh Eve's got some pretty chips - are those stock or coolcat? - and they make such a great pair!
Thanks. smile

Eve's eyes are Coolcat stickers + flat eye chips.
OMG they are sooo cute together i just love your photosgrin
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truly beautiful photos

Both dolls are gorgeous and Eve's dress ... WOW. Where did you get it?
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Thank you Love4dollz and Miss Edith.

Eve's dress is a cheapo Barbie dress I got from a dollar store. I just altered it a bit and sewed a layer of embroidered tulle on the skirt to make it look less cheap(ish). yay
MUCH less cheap - I am amazed. It looks like a handmade for Eve type dress, not made by Mattel grin
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
Thanks a lot. yay
I love the backgrounds you use! Is this your "green screen" method? The last picture is my favorite, they look so beautiful together. smile
They look gorgeous together!
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Thanks Bohemian and Mag.

Yes, that's the green screen. yay

Speaking of which, I need to get started with my pic fic.
Wow, stunning! I love the dolls, & the photo's. Really atmospheric & beautiful. What doll is she?? I know I recognise her but my brain's refusing to cough up, lol.

Thank you, Lilcurly. She's Cinciallegra. smile
They make a gorgeous pair! Your backgrounds are beautiful, and I love how you altered Eve's dress. smile Can you explain more about the "green screen" method?
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Thank you, KiraKira. smile

I shoot against a green background. That way, it's easier for me to extract the subjects (as long as they're are not wearing green, or blue) and put them in a setting I like.

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