My 1st Custom :o)
After falling in love with my 1st Rida I purchased specifically to customize, I ended up buying a 2nd Rida, lol. I then continued to lurk and read every thread on basic customizing so that my 1st attempt would end on a good note and I'm pretty happy with my 1st girl, Bree.

First up, changing her eye chips. Opening her head and scalp was fun. Very nervous but really not bad! Now removing her stock wig, that was pure hell. That baby was on there tight, lol. THe inside workings of her head are quite fascinating!

I knew I wanted to give her Amber eye chips so these are purchased from Cool Cat. Using online tutorials, my bevy of tiny screwdrivers and flatheads and my favorite pair of Tweezerman tweezers, I removed the eye mechanism without any real problems. Although I should mention the levers fell out giving me a near heart attack. I *knew* they should but they sure caught me by surprise when I opened her head!!! LMAO. As prepared as I was to rechip her, I wasn't REALLY prepared for dealing with soft chips although I did read up on what to do before attempting it. It was a pain but I did get them out and with my knife, I scrapped out residual glue and tiny pieces of the old chip. And in went the Cool Cat chips pretty as you please with a tiny bit of white glue to make sure they stay put.

And so, back went in the eyelids and mechanism. Painful as everything wants to hop around. Needless to say this took me a few minutes but finally my tweezers got the springs in place and I move on to closing her up.

Then her body upgrade. After much consideration, I put her on a 27cm SBH-S Obitsu body in white. I chose the Small bust hoping that she would be able to fit most stock, and she does. Nothing I have is really tight fitting although I know that pants (like Assa's overalls) are too short now. Small price to pay for a much nicer body! The good news is that Bree fits into Liv Doll clothes MUCH nicer. In fact, she needs a slightly bigger bust to fill some of the tops but as you can see in the pics below, even the small bust fits decently. The white jeans are a near perfect fit, sitting very nicely on her hips. Haven't tried stock or nonstock shoes yet. No real drama in getting the Obitsu on. My leatherman helped saw off the excess on the neck piece. White string to thicken the neck and finally Teflon tape done as crazykimochi so wonderfully showed in that one photo of hers!

And finally her wig. I bought quite a few wigs but just wasn't feeling like any were perfect for what I envisioned. FInally, I stumbled on this Can-Can wig on ebay. FANTASTIC wig! Sleek, shiny and like new for a low price. It fits Bree perfectly and I swear I heard music in the background when I 1st put it on her, lol. In person, the wig is more silver with a slight warmth but the camera really picks up on the light lemon highlights. Works brilliantly with her skin tone and new chips.

So, some drama, almost a heart attack and frankly a lot of unevently work to transform a Rida into my Bree. :o) And also, I do plan on piercing her ears. Gotta get the correct bit of my Dremel, lol.

[Image: CustomRidaambereyes.jpg]
[Image: CustomRida1.jpg]
[Image: Bree2.jpg]
[Image: Bree.jpg]
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she looks gorgeous!
So Unseelie. Get yours at
Lovely! smile
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Love her eyes!
also buy my dolls
Wow, she's totally pretty! Congrats, and goodjob!!
congratulations - she is absolutely gorgeous !! Her eyes and wig suit perfectly. You are brave, I am too nervous to even open anyone's head yet ..LOL

I too would love a Rida to be customised. She has a great face for it.
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Yeah she does. Her face and pale coloration really seem to customize well. I also was a little nervous opening up her head but really, it's more scary *thinking* about doing it than actually doing it, lol.

Thanks everyone! She is sitting here near the computer and just seeing her makes me smile. I love Pullips but she really has a special place in my heart.
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WTB: Mini Zuzu Delf * Heads * Sooni's pants / plus tons of other clothes & accessories
Nice job! She looks so pretty!
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She's beautiful!! Good job!
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She has the prettiest eyes now!
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She looks pretty smile
She looks really nice, I like those eyechips especially!
Those chips are fabulous!
She's really beautiful, I love her wig and eyes smile
wow, she is adorable! You did a wonderful job!

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