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Transaction: Trade
Item: Trade blue/pink ball gown and a pink scarf for 1 Tae Yang outfit from me
Date: June 2011
My Location: Thailand

+1 as trader. Items was well packed and in good condition. I`m very happy with the dress~smile
+1 split partner

Me and Savie did a split for a Ryane doll .. Ryane stock came in a perfect condition n___n .. and pretty fast ! Good split partner that I will recommend <3
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+1 as a split partner! Super good communicator, understanding and friendly. A true pleasure to deal with. <3 Thanks so much.
+2 as a seller and splitter

made me a pair of candy corn charms - i love them - also traded her a pair of socks for a cute froggy charm yay as always a great person to deal with
+1 as a buyer! Very friendly, prompt, and understanding of unexpected shipping costs. Always a pleasure!
+1 as a buyer, lovely to chat with, hassle free transaction x
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+1 for another great sale

bought a Mulan outfit from her for a friend - fast shipping and as always a pleasure ^^
+2 received my two perfect Cupid dolls well packaged. The box even had a cute drawing of Cupid on it which gave me a smile. I am very happy smile
(02-12-2012, 07:55 AM)wooperz Wrote: The box even had a cute drawing of Cupid on it which gave me a smile. I am very happy smile

Glad you liked that hehehe yay
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+1 as SELLER
+1 for TRADE

I forgot to leave feedback for Savannah for the outfit I bought from her forever ago, I loved the sketches on the package and my dolly wore the outfit for months. wink

Recently we worked out a fantastic art/outfit trade, she drew an absolutely lovely portrait of me and my two kitties, I couldn't be happier!! Thanks hon!
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If I forgot to leave you feedback, please let me know!

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+1 as tracker downer? / seller
Found me a cupid doll, bought and shipped it to me with no mark up, lovely lovely lovely! x
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+1 for a great trade!

I traded a couple of things in my sales thread for some of Savannah Faerie's handmade polymer clay creations. Everything she made was so cute and awesome. I highly recommend dealing with Savvy...she is talented and just an absolute doll! smile
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+ 1 for helping her friend buy my doll

Absolutely wonderful transaction with very up-to-date communication! Thank you! Happy
+1 as a swap partner! Thanks so much for the cute pikachu outfit and mask! I love it all, I'm going to have a hard time taking it off my dolls! XD
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+1 as a buyer! Fast payment, friendly communication, and she let me know when she received the item. Thanks!

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