OMG Isul on preorder at PS now:D

Great price and i love him he is a must havegrin
My GirlsUdatedpullips2
I'm looking forward to seeing more of this little guy!

Really getting excited about next year's dolls smile
Plasticpop has him too. I'm so tempted. Must... resist. xD
[Image: 48505022@N04.jpg]
Coming: None.
Next: None.
I just bought EOS on a whim. MUST resist or hubby will take my internet away, lol.
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WTB: Mini Zuzu Delf * Heads * Sooni's pants / plus tons of other clothes & accessories
Awww, he's got such a little angel face! What a perfect little brother for Pullip!
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Daaaaamn, I need to get him..! D:
He looks so sweet and innocent. :3

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