Sakura's Horse Tails
Sayuri: Hey guys! Does something seem wrong with Black Magic's gait to you?
Sakura: Not really......
Kaori: Sayuri.....I think it's you.
Sayuri: I can't help it! I'm new at this!
[Image: horsetails1.jpg]

Mary Weather: Hello Sakura.
Sakura: Hi Mary Weather.
[Image: horsetails2.jpg]

Mary Weather: I'm getting a new dress soon. A pink one. Because Momiji likes pink.
Sakura: He does not! He likes blue and yellow.
[Image: horsetails3.jpg]

Mary Weather: Yes. But he likes GIRLS in pink. If you were REALLY his girlfriend you'd know that.
Sakura: *blink*
[Image: horsetails4.jpg]

Sayuri: Don't listen to her Sakura. She's just jealous.
Kaori: Definitely. Ignore her.
[Image: horsetails5.jpg]

Mary Weather: Ignore me if you want to, but you know I'm right. I have to go. Momiji gets off soon and I have to tell him good bye.
[Image: horsetails6.jpg]

Sakura: *thunk* *sniff*
Kaori: Sakura..... She's a jerk. I don't know how Momiji stands being around her at all.
Sayuri: He doesn't. He's only there because Cain hired him to look after the house during the day.
[Image: horsetails7.jpg]

Kaori: Still..... She'd make me want to leave.
Sayuri: *nods* And Momiji only likes girls in pink because YOU wear pink!
[Image: horsetails8.jpg]

Momiji: Sakura! Hi Kaori! Hi Sayuri!
[Image: horsetails9.jpg]

Momiji: I'm so happy I found you! Cain let me off early and I wanted to see you!
Kaori: We gotta go Sakura. See you back at the stables.
[Image: horsetails10.jpg]

Momiji: Are you ok? You look upset.
Sakura: I'm fine. Really.
Momiji: Ok......
[Image: horsetails11.jpg]

Momiji: Why don't you tie up Keahi and come with me? I have something to show you.
Sakura: All right.
[Image: horsetails12.jpg]

Sakura: Ummmm......
Momiji: Come on. You can sit in front and I'll make sure you don't fall off.
[Image: horsetails13.jpg]

Sakura: Where are we going?
Momiji: Just over there.
[Image: horsetails14.jpg]

Sakura: ........
Momiji: *smile*
Sakura: Wasn't there something you wanted to show me?
[Image: horsetails15.jpg]

Momiji: Right! I'll be right back!
Sakura: Ok.....
[Image: horsetails16.jpg]

Sakura: Oh!!!! It's so cute!!!!
Momiji: It's for you. I know you like stuffed animals piled all over your bed. I wanted to get a bunny but they only had lions. Do you like him?
[Image: horsetails17.jpg]

Sakura: I love him! He has hair like yours. I think I'll name him Momiji and I'll sleep with him every night! Thank you!
Momiji: *blush*
[Image: horsetails18.jpg]
Wow, those shots of your Dals on the horses are adorable!!
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Love always wins! :3 lovely story!
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I love reading your stories! They are so cute together!
Awww, cute!

Is your Momiji based on the Momiji from Fruits Basket? The bunny plushie gave me the thought...

Nice work! Very sweet!
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Yup! He is!
Aaw, very cute story. x3
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