my Customs: Taeyang Julien
your work is very fine!
I like the new Faceup.
Beautiful smile
(02-27-2011, 05:15 PM)Estrial Wrote: I like the purple curly tatoo on the side of her face, and the purple eyeshadow. Her eyechips matches really well with her face up too.

Thank you...
actually her eyeshadow has 3 colors like the area above the on the bottom, violet in the middle and green above, but on the eyelids its too much above so you cant really see it ( unfortunately)
I have sewn her a dress and now can see the newest but also last pics of her I have of her...she is now on the way to her new Mom...

[Image: 5492176791_7de39a55d5.jpg]
IMGP6757a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5492176657_6a6f845d65.jpg]
IMGP6755a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5492772408_e71564aac5.jpg]
IMGP6764a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5492176929_c6d77834fd.jpg]
IMGP6762a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5492771816_3182304067.jpg]
IMGP6747a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
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She is awesome!

thank you very much!!
*new mum waiting with open arms (arms will get tired - Germany to Australia = bloody long way :p )*
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Her make-up is amazing, I love her eyelashes Heart 2
Wow! She is gorgeous! I love the eyelid designs and the color scheme. C:
thank you all very much for the compliments!!
I am so happy that you like her!

if anyone wants a custom doll by me, feel free to pm me...
and here is another new custom: Julien the nice guy

[Image: 5508472091_f1a1be9c81.jpg]
IMGP6914a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

[Image: 5509071432_785a1d74f6.jpg]
IMGP6921a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

and this is what he looked like when I bought him...
[Image: 19551424533555.jpg]
wow - you did a good job for what you had to work with yay
That's amazing! You're a miracle worker!
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thank you both very much!! it was a bit of work, but I like how he came out...

I made a few changes to him though ...I gave him new eye lashes, softened the faceup, redid the lips...ohh and I cut his hair...

[Image: 5509775591_1434fb0cc6.jpg]
IMGP6938a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5510376406_5c8f5909b3.jpg]
IMGP6935a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5509775359_80e9eb4f03.jpg]
IMGP6934a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr
[Image: 5510376124_a8f27ce53d.jpg]
IMGP6933a von darkviolet666 auf Flickr

ohhhh darkviolet I LOVE him smile Especially his lips <3 His eyes, his colouring, is beautiful smilesmile

I was typing this reply when someone knocked at my door. I got a wonderful surprise - Drusilla and Niamh and "stuff" have arrived !!! I am so excited. Drusilla is the most amazing beauty I have seen ! She has only been here for 15 minutes and already every Tae in the house is staring (including quite a few whose GFs will kick their butts if they catch them LOL )

EVERYONE, order a custom from darkviolet !! The faceup on this doll, the eyelids, that tatt, the handmade dress -- she is even more stunning in person. I just keep staring.
Niamh is my Fiori, whom I adopted from dv. They travelled happily together. She is SO cute, I have wanted her for a long time smilesmile

thankyou darkviolet ((((hugs))))
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