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LF Rachel face plate

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Pullips: Rida - Papin
BJD: FairyLand Face Plates for Pukifee + Littlefee - FairyLand LittleFee body - Unoa Face plate

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chocoAng3l purchased a littlefee faceplate from me. She was awesome with communication, very friendly to chat with, and paid quickly.

Thanks so much!!

+1 Choco commissioned me to do a face up for her Nahh-ato , she paid promptly and delightful to chat with. smile would definitly love to deal with again.
+1 as a buyer
Purchased some Pullip dresses from me. She's a wonderful buyer, very quick with replies and with payment! Thank you so much <3
Choco purchased a bunch of items from me via my Flickr page.
She was great to deal with, fantastic communication and fast payment.
+1 buyer smile
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Choco purchased many dresses from me and was very friendly and patient. Highly recommended!

+1 buyer
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Did a split with her! She was fantastic in finding out I wanted a Rayne of my own! grin

+3!!! grin grin grin split partner!
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+1 buyer
sold her my veritas! super sweet to deal with. fast payment and great communication! very happy with our transaction! thanks for adopting my girl!
+1 for a wonderful seller! So polite, and an absolute sweetie to work with. Item arrived in great condition, would buy from again in a heartbeat! grin Thanks again!
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