Winners of the PUDDLE online photo/art contest announced!
Three entries were picked as winners by judge gogojimmy. She assessed the photos independent of the fan favorite voting.

She picked jahzteen A - "Trail of Cranes" as the overall winner. She says, "I really like the composition in the photo and it's crisp and clear and nice to look at, and it uses the theme in a nice way with the little paper cranes."

jahzteen A - "Trail of Cranes"
[Image: jahzteen_cranes.jpg]

She picked Laurie Anna Moussaoui A for the best edited photo. "It's really pretty, and the crane nest on the head is a great way to involve the theme."

Laurie Anna Moussaoui A
[Image: Laurie_Anna_Moussaoui_crane.png]

She picked Kobold A - "Crane Kick!" for the best pose. "Also because it has a really nice feel to it with the silhouette and because it uses the crane theme really well."

Kobold A - "Crane Kick!"
[Image: kobold_crane_kick.png]

She adds, "All the photos were really great, and there are so many too! It was really, really, hard to choose. I hope you'll have a great PUDDLE! Wish I could be there!"

In addition, three entries were clear fan favorites in the poll:

Tara B - "Mastering the Crane 2"
[Image: tara_mastering_the_crane2.jpg]

Applecandy B - "Looking for the Crane"
[Image: applecandy_looking_for_the_crane.jpg]

Utsu-Chan A.
[Image: utsu-chan.jpg]

Great job, everyone who entered, and congratulations to all the winners! Each of the six winners will receive a beautiful item donated by a PUDDLE sponsor. (Please send your address to TrueFan.)

Everyone who entered the contest but can't attend PUDDLE will also receive a small PUDDLE souvenir as a thank you gift for entering. (If you entered the contest and won't be at PUDDLE, please send your address to TrueFan.)


View the rest of the terrific entries below!

Ali Cherro A
[Image: Ali_Cherro_bunkbeds.jpg]

Ali Cherro B
[Image: Ali_Cherro_picnic.jpg]

Applecandy A - "Into the Crane's Nest"
[Image: applecandy_into_the_cranes_nest.jpg]

babelglyph A
[Image: babelglyph_adalia.jpg]

babelglyph B
[Image: babelglyph_mkw_lark.jpg]

bee_couture A - "PUDDAL?"
[Image: bee_couture_PUDDAL_questionmark.jpg]

Ceci Cuteness A - "Blooming"
[Image: CeciCuteness_Blooming.jpg]

Ceci Cuteness B - "Inside a Rainbow"
[Image: CeciCuteness_Inside_A_Rainbow.jpg]

cmair1202 A - "Penelope's crane 1"
[Image: cmair1202_penelopes_crane1.jpg]

cmair1202 B - "Penelope's crane 2"
[Image: cmair1202_penelopes_crane2.jpg]

CornflowerBlue A - "Primrose Pretty"
[Image: CornflowerBlue_PrimrosePretty.jpg]

CornflowerBlue B - "Tea for 2"
[Image: CornflowerBlue_Teafor2.jpg]

dragonlady A - "Crane Dance"
[Image: dragonlady_cranedance.jpg]

dragonlady B - "Eggs"
[Image: dragonlady_eggs.jpg]

gomoddolls A - "Origami Crane"
[Image: gomoddolls_Origami_Crane.JPG]

gomoddolls B - "Origami Flight"
[Image: gomoddolls_Origami_Flight.JPG]

Hannahnoface A - "In my hands, you will be safe"
[Image: hannahnoface_inmyhandsyouwillbesafe.jpg]

KiraKira A - "Reading About Cranes"
[Image: KiraKira_Reading_About_Cranes.jpg]

KiraKira B - "Umbrella Ella Ella"
[Image: KiraKira_UmbrellaEllaElla.jpg]

kuronekohime A
[Image: kuronekohime_untitled.jpg]

Mioshu A
[Image: Mioshu_feeding_cranes.JPG]

Mioshu B
[Image: Mioshu_holding_crane.JPG]

Savannahfaerie A - "Cherry Blossom Cranes"
[Image: Savannahfaerie_cherry_blossom_cranes.JPG]

ShinkusMedium A - "Crane Creation"
[Image: krista_daffodilcrane.jpg]

ShinkusMedium B - "To Shoku"
[Image: krista_daffodilcranes2.jpg]

StrawberryCuteness A - "African Crowned Crane Princess 1"
[Image: strawberrycuteness_African_Crowned_Crane_Princess_1.jpg]

StrawberryCuteness B - "African Crowned Crane Princess 2"
[Image: strawberrycuteness_African_Crowned_Crane_Princess_2.jpg]

Tara A - "Mastering the Crane 1"
[Image: tara_mastering_the_crane1.jpg]

TrueFan A
[Image: TrueFan1.JPG]

TrueFan B
[Image: TrueFan_WooHoo.JPG]

vanie A
[Image: vanie_crane1.jpg]

vanie B
[Image: vanie_crane2.jpg]
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2024. The theme is Retro Memories Sweet Sixteen.
I think my favorite may be CornflowerBlue B - "Tea for 2". The yukata she's wearing looks like it was sewn authentically, and sewing kimono properly- on ANY scale- takes tons of effort. >_> Also, I love the composition.

Thanks for sharing these- I wasn't able to make PUDDLE, so it's nice to be able to see the entries (and I love the crane theme- they're such elegant creatures, and symbols of long life, good fortune and fidelity.)
I love Vanie`s pictures. Congrats to winners. ^^
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The November 2011 issue of Doll Collector magazine has a three-page spread on the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event. The first page is a story on and photos from the event, while the second two pages cover the photo/art contest. It lists the three winners chosen by gogojimmy and the three fan favorites and 17 of the entries are shown, along with the names of the photographers and artists. (I sent all of the entries, but some of them had been resized to be too small to print in a magazine).

[Image: 6143773814_84a98974b3.jpg]
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2024. The theme is Retro Memories Sweet Sixteen.
It's so nice that it was featured! That must be very exciting for everyone whose pictures were used.
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Congrats to the winners!!!!

All the pics are awesome!!!!

I love the tea for teo pic is my favorite.
I was excited anyway!
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2024. The theme is Retro Memories Sweet Sixteen.

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