Fishy's Feedback Thread - 100% Positive So Far! Thank you!! :D
+1 as a seller. Purchased a j-doll outfit and it arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Excellent communication and a dream to do business with. Thank you! grin Heart 2
1+ as a Seller
Great communication and answered any questions I had.
Shipped in a timely manner. Doll was very well packed.
+1 as a buyer (shipping charge)

Great communication and fast payment! Wonderful person to work with! Happy
+1 as Seller!

Fishy's was very kind to hold an item for me to save some shipping. The items I bought from her showed up quickly, in great condition, and packed very well. Thanks so much!
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+1 as Seller

I bought her Ra Muw and she is perfect! The process was very quick and I got my girl in no time. Thank you!
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+1 as a seller

Fishy picked up a mini for me at TM and sold a Dal to me. They were well packaged and shipped in a timely manner. I would definitely deal with Fishy again. Thanks!
+1 as a buyer, quick payment great communication!
+1 as a seller!

fishy sold me a nude Byul Sucre. She was always very quick to communicate and kind enough to reserve the doll for me while I gathered my funds for her. I would definitely work with her again.
+1 as seller & enabler grin

Fishy ever so kindly took the trouble to pick me up a Byul mini from TM and ship her to a friend in the states so she could be added to a box and save me a bundle on shipping. She did all of the above as quick as a wink.

All of this was a hassle she undertook just to help me. I appreciate it very much. I love wee Garcon, thankyou fishy
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I'm so glad you're happy! smile

It was no trouble at all. smile
+1 as a buyer. Great communication, prompt payment, everything was great! Thank you!
+1 as buyer. Easy to communicate and paid very fast. Thank you
+1 for fishy as a buyer. Purchased an AI doll from me. Wonderful communication, quick payment. Thank you so much!
+1 as a buyer, flawless transaction as always!
+1 as a seller.

Fishy was selling an Isul wearing a hakama. I wanted the outfit, and asked her about her willingness to part if from the doll. She agreed to split, and gave me a fair price. It was sent quickly, and I received it yesterday. Thank you so much!

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