She's here!
Yay! Beatrix, my Tiphona, arrived today! Just one quick picture for start...I'll take both her and Cally outside later and get some good outdoorsy pictures of both of them. grin

But for now.

[Image: 5782162772_b6fc82c90c_z.jpg]

As you can see, Cally is entirely dubious about her new companion. That dress may be green, but it just invites grass stains. grin

[Image: 5783085469_c85c386c22_z.jpg]

I've finally got her wig conditioned, dry, and attached--and now the sun is wrong for outside pictures. So tomorrow! For now, here Cally is doing Bea's hair. grin
[Image: girlswinter.png]
Tiphona! Congrats! I love her she is so sweet and her stock is so cute.
Her stock is AMAZING. I did have to take her wig off for a good wash and condition, was like pieces of hair were loose from the wefts or something.

It's amazing now, though. So soft!

[Image: girlswinter.png]
Congraz for the sweet girl!! *_*
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Congrats on your new girl- she's so pretty! I hope your two girls get along well!
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Congratulations on your new doll ^^ ..
Tiphona is a sweet doll, I am sure you will enjoy her company very much
looking forward some great photographs !
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Congrats on your new girl!!!

She is super cute!!!
[Image: 5788478234_1e582f4097_z.jpg]

[Image: 5785542482_14ef0217cd_z.jpg]

They're sort of perched on the corner of my desk, in front of the alarm clock. I'll eventually get them some furniture, but for now this will do fine. smile Hipstamatic shots because my iPhone does much better in low light than my actual camera. Or, at least, the Hipstamatic filters do much better in low light!
[Image: girlswinter.png]

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