I was listening to Taylor Swift's Enchanted on my way home from work today and I felt like I just really had to make this picture...

[Image: 5880346263_90118a96c2_z.jpg]
Enchanted... by Aienhime, on Flickr

It's truly one of my favourite songs, ever Heart 2
That's such a pretty picture <3

What a lovely picture smile
is she wearing ribbons x3 ? She looks beautiful
[Image: benotat-1a00194846.gif]

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[Image: benotat-1a00194846.gif]
Very magical! So subtle and pretty girl...
We're Polish. We don't drink THAT much. We drink more.
This pic is so awesome <3
Sfoglia is just gorgeous, all that pink Heart 2
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She is lovely!!! Thanks for sharing it with us!!
She's lovely and great song choice!
Thanks, everyone grin

(06-29-2011, 01:55 AM)chocoang3l Wrote: What a lovely picture smile
is she wearing ribbons x3 ? She looks beautiful

Nah, she's wearing a bit of fabric tied together ^^ It looks really silly when not tied together xD

Lovely! smile
Wwow she is gorgeous, i evn heard two of my boys whispering to each other "wonder if she's single?"XD

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