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Fave pony
Rainbow Dash has always had a special place in my heart, but G4 Rarity has wormed her way in there as well... mainly because she has a cat and speaks French just like me! xD
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From G1 I really like Twinkler, she is one of the Sweetheart Sister ponies. I am making a G4 version of her.

As for G4 ponies, I have way too many favorites. I really like Derpy...and I have sorta started a Rarity collection even though I do try to collect all of the ponies.
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[Image: 33576409126_99f0b825d1_o.png]
Aribelle Izumi - Tsuki Izumi - Kyouka Hibiki - Zenzi Barenfang - Pita Pepper - Parfait Pepper - Myuu - Peanut Bucker - Lumisade Peura

Favorite? As in one? Oh no no. right

G1: Sweet Stuff, Sweetheart, Nightglider, Baby Lofty, and Sweet Scoops

G2: Clever Clover

G3: Port-o-Bella, Aurora Mist, Snow 'el (pegasus), and StarCatcher (white wings)

G4: All of the mane 6 except Twilight (and especially Pinkie Pie), Photo Finish, Lyra, Derpy, and Octavia
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What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
Pinkie Pie is my all-time favourite pony. She was my favourite from the moment she was introduced, and I love her in all incarnations. I have an army of Pinkie Pies, and I will collect Pinkie Pie in any format, even if I don't normally collect that type or release of pony.
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Sparky, your collection looks amazing!

My favorite pony has always been (and always will be) Little Flitter! Heart

[Image: 030LittleFlitterArmy.jpg]

[Image: 033LittleFlittersonDuke.jpg]

[Image: 034LittleFlitteronPansy.jpg]
[Image: PullipSaleSig.jpg]
Starsong is my favorite pony! She is a G3-3.5. Version... I wish that they would make a G4 version of Starsong... Then i would buy her immediately!!!! <3

Here is a picture of my Starsong army (it may be small but i am poor... so it only gets bigger with trades!)
[Image: starsong.jpg]
Here is a Crocheted Starsong my mum made for me!
[Image: starsongcrochet.jpg]
g1 mimic all the way. fave color is lime green, fave release twinkle eyes, fave pony type unicorn, and i love parrots so mimic was always my fave ever since i was a kid, never had her when i was little cause mom said she was "ugly" but i have her now! MWAHA HA HA HA HA HA HA! lol

g2: tie between silver glow and silver swirl

g3: the black and blue collector pony

g4: i LOVE derpy *huge huggles* and rainbow dash lol
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oh i have lots of favorites,
mainly i love fizzy and nss gusty <3
g4 Rainbow Dash and DJpon3 (Vinyl Scratch). I loooooves them grin
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my favorite pony is waterfire.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
Plumsweet is my favorite pony!

[Image: 6891799956_ef68fedc4f_n.jpg]
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OMG, I have so many favorites! I love Heart-Throb, Blueberry Baskets, Goldilocks, Ringlet, (G2) Sundance/Sunsparkle, Star-Song, (G4) Pinkie Pie... I just can't pick a favorite! @_@
Ponies! Brings back so many good childhood memories smile
I couldn't tell my favourite one, but it would definitely come from the first generation Ponies, they are so lovely smile
Favourite Pony of all time?
Derpy Hooves (followed closely by S1 "original" Luna)

Fav of the mane 6?
Applejack (followed closely by Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie)

Fav background pony (other than derpy)
Cant choose between DJ Pon3/Vinyl Scatch, Lyra, an Dr.Whooves (n.n)

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