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Which generation do you collect? & what are your thoughts?
I'm quite liking the G4''s a little worrying, I don't want ot get started on them :p

I have somewhat over 600 ponies, collecting for two and a half years now. I collect G1, G3 and G4, I also have a few G2s from lots.

G1 will always be my favourite, so many childhood memories. I still have most of my childhood ponies.

I have to see where my pony collecting leads me since my room is nearly full and I am buying more and more dolls^^

But I will always be mainly a pony collector Heart 2
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I seem to have gone mainly over to Pullips now, I've not bought a pony since Erin arrived :/ which is a shame really, but I've in the past gone off pony collecting then got back into it I'm hoping that's the case this time too.

I grew up on G1s so they make up the majority of my collection. I still have all my childhood ponies except for Stripes and Nectar (I have 3 Stripes now though lol).
I couldn't stand the G2s when they came out but I have one now that came in a lot so I figured I'd keep it.
I collect Rainbow Dashes<3 I got her as soon as the G3s were released and have been in love with her ever since! I've tried to get all the releases but I'm still missing a few :p
G3.5 doesn't appeal to me at all. IMO they're worse than the G2s! But I still bought one Rainbow Dash...on clearance...
G4 is so cute! I wish they were a bit bigger (you used to get more pony for $5 lol) but I love the new cartoon. And of course, they have Rainbow Dash so I may be biased wink
Grew up with G1's, collected them for a while, but due to a lack of budget and not enough room for my ever expanding collection they are now neatly stacked away in the attic. Not that fond of G2s, have quite a few G3's. Not into G4s at all, they look so weird.
Saw the original set G1 pop up on a sale and I didn't buy them (minty, peachy...) still quite bummed about that. Perhaps the flame will be rekindled for the G1s but right now there are more pressing expenses at hand. Already sold off all my Moc and Mib prides, I guess my variants will be up next.
I collect all of them! I love ponies!
I'm collecting G4 ponies. I think the new ponies are super cute! I had G1 ponies as a kid and I love them but my childhood ponies are either lost in my parents attic or given away and I don't really want to start on them again so I'm sticking with the new ones. That and it's fun for me to track new releases and look for them in my local stores. Happy
My focus is on G1s, but I have ponies from every generation.

To be fair though, the only G3.5s I have I got unintentionally in lots and the only G2 I've ever bought with the intention of having it in my collection was Clever Clover... Although I've also hung onto a Berry Bright because they just look so cute together. I've seen them next to eachother in a lot of people's pictures so I think it's fate. lol.
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could some post pics of the different generation types please.

I have some with magnets in there feet, and I own 2 G1 ponies from when I was a kid. Bubbles in a sitting position and a green Pegasus with music notes. I also have My Little Pony friend Baby Nectar Panda.
What a regrettably large head you have. I would very much like to hat it. I used to hat The White Queen, you know.
I collect G3 and G4. I don't like G3.5 or Ponyville. Although G1 have nostalgic qualities for me, I don't want to collect them. I think G2 are cute, but I don't want to buy any. n_n
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G1! The only G4 I have are my 2 Fluttershy's (one from my husband, who knew I was searching for her, and the other is the spring release) and a Pinkie Pie who really belongs to my pullip lol
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I grew up with G1, But i find myself as an adult loving G3s more.
But i still have a few G1s, but have over 50 G3s.
I do not care for G2s as they are too skinny for my taste and don't really look like ponies to me.
The G4s are the same way, but i am finding myself falling in love with them because of the cartoon. Man i love Fluttershy... <3
G1 ponies are my main collection as I have fond memories of them from my childhood. I still have all 4 childhood ponies ^^. Two of them are very beaten up but I haven't got the heart to replace them, I might get doubles of them that are mint though as it's only two ponies smile. I also really like the G4's and I actively collect them, but only the ones I really like, which I must admit is most of them ^^. I don't collect the playsets so much though, and the accessories are marked and stuffed away somewhere. I now have a couple of G2's and there is a few more I like. G3 I don't collect really but I picked up a couple in a charity shop the other day as I do love pony restoration ^^ and they were super cheap. G3,5's are not my cup of tea, enough said ^^.
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g1 is my favorite, but i also like g3.5 too on account of there chibi like apearence ^-^
but im a fan of g4 cartoon, i never miss a episode :B
I grew up collecting G2s (I only had 8 though!) and recently got into G4s, owning most of the blind bag ponies now and two small brushables. I prefer G2s I think, they seem to have more personality for me, while I only really consider getting G4s from the MLP:FiM series. I do have a weak spot for Blossomforth, though!

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