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Which generation do you collect? & what are your thoughts?
I have more G2s than anything else, and I must admit I like them more. c:
A lot of G1s bother me, and G3s just seem normal... which could be both a good and a bad thing.
G4s are very cute, but at the same time, a little over done imo.
Help! They got me! XD I've started buying the g4 after someone got me addicted to the cartoon. So far I have all the tiny blind pack ponies, feathermay, Rainbow dash, and a big dress-and-style pinkie pie.

Ima brony! XD
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I collect mostly G1's - I love the ones made in other countries the most!
I was never into MLP as a kid and really got into them after watching FiM. I ended up buying a bunch of G4 ponies while thinking that I didn't like the look of the other generations much.

Then I thought that I really enjoyed the colors of the G3s and the myriad of poses they came in compared to G4s. So I bought a G3... which turned into a bunch of G3s. And now I have a G1 Morning Glory and want more! G2 and G3.5 are the only generations that I don't really like no matter how many photos of them I see, so I think my wallet is same from them at least.
I collect all generations! I find it hard to dislike any sort of pony... Perhaps it's because I didn't collect ponies as a child, so I have no nostalgia affecting my opinion.

My favorite generation is G1, though, and I try to get G1 ponies when I can. wink
I only collect G4. My girls have a few G3s as well as some G4s. I only got into the ponies through the Friendship is Magic show, and I personally don't like the look of the older generations. No offense to anyone who likes G1s and such, but they just look misshapen to me. I don't care if the G4s look more like deer than ponies, I like them best.
I collect all the generations. I watched reruns of the old cartoon on the Disney Channel when I was a kid. My parents bought me some ponies from older toy stores and the second hand market. I loved the second generation. Eventually my father decided that I was to old for ponies. He donated my ponies to the salvation army. (or some other charity) The new cartoon reintroduced me to ponies. Over the past year I've built up a nice collection of ponies from all the generations. My favorite generation is G1.
G1: For the most part, it's been "passive collecting" I spy them in a yard sale or thrift store? I grab them. The only one's I've purposely set out to buy online were a replacement for my childhood Dangles (Still have the other one, Pony Bride! <3), my Loving Family daddies, a Wigwam and a Barnacle (who needs him some fixing up). I they have a neat, nostalgic look to them.

G2: I have ONE. It's "passive collecting" as well and they don' turn up often around here. I'd love to find the boys, though. Particularly Clever Clover.

G3: A couple. Minty was a must-have and I have one of the transparent ones just because it reminded me of the G1 Glow n' Shows. I liked how they returned to a shape that was like a modernized G1.

G3.5: Eeenope. Not a fan of the proportions. I have a mini Sweetie Belle and popcorn cart I got from my mum, though. <3

G4: GO GO GO GO! I have...quite a few. I'm not a completeist collector but, still, I swear they multiply while I sleep. I love the program. I probably would have bought an Applejack at some point anyway but I decided to watch the program to see what the fuss was about and got hooked. Style-wise, I think they handled the stylised cartooniness better than G3.5. Excited to see what they do next.
Thanks for sharing the link! I used to have Cotton Candy, Baby Cotton Candy, Blossom, Baby Blossom, Blue Belle, Bow Tie, Apple Jack, Baby Apple Jack, Posey and Tootsie.. And then my younger sister took over them and 'killed' them. I might need to get some of them again. grin
(09-12-2012, 06:06 AM)mollylinn Wrote: Thanks for sharing the link! I used to have Cotton Candy, Baby Cotton Candy, Blossom, Baby Blossom, Blue Belle, Bow Tie, Apple Jack, Baby Apple Jack, Posey and Tootsie.. And then my younger sister took over them and 'killed' them. I might need to get some of them again. grin

You can probably find those again if you feel like it :3

You know who I feel bad for? People who had ones that are now called "nirvana ponies" that gave them away but kind of miss them now and look them up on online for replacements. Like a Greek woman Googling her old g1 pony with the ladybug on it. "How much for a new one? Probably no more than $10USD right?" Er...not quite.
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Yes, they seem to have more reasonable prices. grin I just bid on the babies on swedish ebay. smile
I think my favorite generation is G1, but my collection includes G1, G3, and G4. I don't plan on getting more G3s, as I'm happy with the few I have; I like the G4s because of their cute design and interesting color combos; but there's just something special about the thrill of finding a G1 in a thrift store and restoring it to full glory (okay, I haven't quite gotten there yet, but I plan to)!
I loved G1 ponies as a child and I played with the stable all the time. Sadly I lost many of my childhood toys when they were in a storage unit while our home was being remodeled years ago. Someone broke in and stole or destroyed much of what was in there. sad

I love G1-G3 ponies the best and I am in the process of organizing and starting to collect again. I have managed to find some of my childhood favorites again and hope to get a stable someday.

I just bought some G4 ponies this week after resisting them all this time. I don't want to admit how many I bought this week. Sweatdrop Cute things are so hard to resist! LOL
I had many G1s and a few G2s when I was growing up. Sadly, like all my other childhood toys, they are long gone. When I discovered custom ponies on accident, I starting collecting (and customizing) the G3s back in 2008. I had quite a few up until recently. I downsized my collection to just my favorites, but now I'm finding more and more G4s on my shelf. XD I really like the blind bag figures (and similarly non-blind-bag 3 packs) because they're small and affordable, and they provide a variety of characters. For the play ponies, I just have my favorites, plus an extra or two because of the multi-pack nature of their release. I adore the show that they tie into. I even got my hubby to watch it with me (and he has pony merch to boot!) grin
I used to own quite a lot of G1s though I think I must have sold a few as I can't find as many as I remember owning. I had a unicorn and a sea pony that I can't seem to find. I had a couple of G2s, but I mostly like the extras in the sets they came with, they always came second to the G1s. Quite a few of mine came from carboot sales so they weren't always in perfect condition.

Generally now I'm more into dolls so my ponies have taken the back seat for quite sometime and I'm not really into FiM at all I personally don't like the aesthetic (though I love Rainbow Dash's colour scheme), I've been planning to sell the ones I own and just keep one (Sky Rocket that I bought from a car boot sale with a cut mane who I would like to re root) and a fake pony I got from Poundland to practice re rooting on.
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