Few piccies...until my battery died.....
I decided to re-dress & take some piccies of my girls, until the battery on my camera died, lol. It was late at night & I was using my bedside lamp to light the pictures Tongue so please excuse the poor lighting....

Kitty first...

[Image: DSC00762.jpg]
[Image: DSC00764.jpg]
[Image: DSC00765.jpg]

Then Polly...

[Image: DSC00776.jpg]
[Image: DSC00777.jpg]
[Image: DSC00779.jpg]

Erin (she's borrowing a wig at the mo as I didn't like the mohair one I got for her...no idea what wig to get now)...

[Image: DSC00798.jpg]
[Image: DSC00803.jpg]
[Image: DSC00812.jpg]

Freya (Still on her type 4 here, but she went on her Obitsu yesterday)...

[Image: DSC00820.jpg]
[Image: DSC00829.jpg]
[Image: DSC00841.jpg]

I only got a couple of decent ones of Ginny before the battery went...

[Image: DSC00847.jpg]
[Image: DSC00852.jpg]

Sorry it's been so long since I took piccies, I'll try & get some more of my other girls soon, & of Freya on her Obitsu, Elisabeth, & my newest girl.....Fanatica!!! grin

Enjoy smile

I think your girls really like to pose for pictures smile What a lovely bunch! I just love Kitty!
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I love the third pic of Polly and Erin! They're such such dollies :3
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Lovely pics!!!

I have to say that I love love love your Polly!!! She is just so pretty!!!
Polly is gorgeous! Where did you get her boots? smile
Thanks all smile

Polly's boots were off Ebay, from an ebay shop called pocowai toys store. I wanted ones that look like Uggs smile

More Polly spam, lol...

[Image: DSC00787.jpg]

love your family lil x
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ummm, where is Meg ?? Tongue You forgot 'tude girl??? *shock* I am surprised she let you get away with that LOL

Your photos are beautiful and every girl looks so special - you have truly awesomw taste in their clothes sweety smile I think Kitty is my favourite in these particular outfits, I too love the boots and just all the red with the way you did her hair - gorgeous ! Polly is a true beauty, I would have to get used to Erin in pink hair but I believe it suits her (although she would need all new clothes ..lol) and Freya - that top with the huge cameo - WOW. It is just so pretty, the colour of the top I mean, then the cameo is this bold statement with the leggings. And Ginny's clothes suit her to perfection too.

Haha, I forgot that you didn't post Fenn & kenna as well as Meg, your family has grown so much, I got confused wink And Jake, where is that poor boy??I am excited to see how you fashioned Elisabeth and you got Fanatica??? Wooo hooo, now I will nag you unmercifully, best you empty your PM's because I can nag with the best of 'em !!! **halo**
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Cherryfox, thanks smile

Miss Edith, I have a lot of pics of Meg, I was trying to get in some of the lesser photographed dolls. Thanks, I do love styling my girls, I spend a lot of time trying to get them just right, & now I have ten Pullips!!!!!? so I'm a little behind with things. I've kind of lost interest in Jake, trying to get cool clothes for him is next to impossible, so I'll need to make them all, & it's just a case of not getting round to it yet. I've not touched my Pullips in weeks actually, I only started to bother with them again about a week ago :p & I haven't touched Meg in a good month....maybe 2! I still love her though smile I need to focus on the girls that need finishing off for the time being I think. Erin won't be keeping the pink hair, she needs dark curly hair - Fanatica's wig suited her perfectly, but it just doesn't stay nice at all sad & nice curly wigs are so hard to come by. She might end up just in something wavy like Fenn's wig, just so she's not bald, lol.

& yes, I got Fanatica :p She was a spur of the moment purchase, & she just arrived yesterday, she's pre-loved, with none of her stock, so she'll be re-wigged & given a style as soon as I've decided where I'm going with her (maybe funky retro-ish/Erin like, maybe earth mother like Fenn). Elisabeth's wig is in the post, & I'll buy her an Obitsu in the new year (I'm not buying anything else from abroad this close to Xmas), & decide whether I can live with the colour difference. Tbh, I can never find clothes to fit stock bodies, & I find it near impossible to bond with a doll who I can't dress properly, so chances are I'll just live with the funky skintone difference smile

Freya's on her Obitsu now & has a very classy muted tone style going on, I'll try & get pics next week.......

....I feel I'm rambling like a crazy person :p

Oh goodness, they're all brilliant! I love how they're styled!
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(10-09-2011, 08:35 AM)Lilcurly Wrote: Freya's on her Obitsu now & has a very classy muted tone style going on, I'll try & get pics next week.......

....I feel I'm rambling like a crazy person :p

YAY - she is classy, no doubting that. I look forward ro her pics smile

And, you say that last as if it's a bad thing ............ Whacked
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Oonyaoo, thank you smile

Miss Edith, lol, I guess to other dolly people it's not crazy at all :p

Your girls are all gorgeous and cute ! I love Kitty the most grin
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^Thank you smile it seems Kitty has quite a few admirers.

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