My three kittens
I hope you like my kittens,Yang, Ying and Zen give you many purrs
[Image: 5492587452_37723c9725.jpg]
Zen por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 5491990461_3796807e99.jpg]
Ying y Yang por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 5492584678_2e9a420f93.jpg]
Yang, Ying y Zen por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 5491987725_70e81a8db3.jpg]
Yang, Ying y Zen por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 5492581760_dceea9a038.jpg]
Zen y Yang por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 5491985027_3bb68bbb03.jpg]
Zen y Ying por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
[Image: 5491983827_3e6052e3ab.jpg]
Zen y Ying por Asato_Tsuzuki, en Flickr
They look so cute together LOL
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My feedback:

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They're very cute!
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They're purrfect! Nosferatu really stands out with those eyes.
How cute is that! You sure have a cute kitty bunch smile
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The Aunt gives to you candies, come with me, nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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[Image: 6023292626_b737b12c20.jpg]

thanks for the comments,my kittens are delighted

Near,do not give candy to Yang!!!!because otherwise I'll put on a diet ò_ó
Very cute smile
Nosferatu makes a great cat!
They're soooo cute!! Thanks for making me smile, and I send them all pettings! grin
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Aaaw, they're all so cute! ^-^
Nyaw! They're wonderful!
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