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Monster High - Create a monster packs...
She's cwl int she smile such a shame there isn't a proper matching body.

Well, an idea... you could spraypaint the body black, to keep up the striped theme of a bee!
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^yes, good idea smile I'm guessing I could seal her with MSC?

I have pictures of the CaM Dragon girl on the pink torso from the other pack, CaM Skeleton add on pack added to the werewolf girl parts and the werewolf head (repainted iris and lip color, by me) on Ghoulia's body.

Lynda Scales
Skelly Tora
Rouge Yelps (Ghoulia's magical cousin)
For those interested in putting the CAM kit parts on a regular doll, there's a tutorial here by someone who's done at least two of 'em now.
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(01-10-2012, 02:28 AM)baxterbrat Wrote: For those interested in putting the CAM kit parts on a regular doll, there's a tutorial here by someone who's done at least two of 'em now.

Thanks for the link to the tutorial!
I love your photos, repulsive ! All 3 girls look wonderful. I have the wolf/dragon pack on it's way to me and my other essential purchase is the skeleton, so I thank you for guiding me to which bodies match best smile
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I have a question... Did someone shaved their MH and put a wig on "normal" (not create-a-monster) doll, Frankie or such... I got as a gift set of skeleton parts, but since legs won't fit (YET-I'm about to tear Frankies leg like I did with arms and replace them with skeleton parts XD Just some carving needed) I wonder if the wig will fit "normal head" not the one from the set.
I don't have a courage to shave frakie because I'm almost sure they made it in different size- smaller size, like they made pegs bigger...
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Did everyone already saw this:

It's really cool that CAM siren also fits the boys.grin
Although I still wish that they will release a torso pack for both Siren and Harpy.^^
I got to see the CAM's in person today. I have to say they're more charming in person. I actually want the Sea Monster. I'm still upset at Mattel for not releasing the Three-Eyed Ghoul with a body because she's adorable and would take her in a heartbeat.
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I have two of the girl Create a Monster packs, and I love them. I got them originally so that it would be easy to repaint them for my nieces, but I've found that I LOVE the sea monster girl. When I have time (Ha!) I plan to repaint and possibly reroot her and my Lagoona.

Typical of me, I suppose. =P I get something so that I can do a project for someone else and end up collecting something new!
Just a heads up for anyone curious, you can actually purchase the appropriate matching bodies separate of any packs online, I've found a seller on ebay that offers them though I can't say I've seen them anywhere else.

Currently I only want the Bee girl but, naturally, I only want her with a matching body. Good luck hunting for everyone though, I also think it was foolish for them to set it up like they did, they seem to think there's a charm in having none of the parts match but I think it just looks amateur and cheap o.<
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Mattel used to sell a five pack of CAM matching bodies on their site. I got one and the color matches were spot on! I don't know if they still sell them, but it's worth a look!
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Plenty of those torso's for individual sale on ebay.
Personally i hate it when those individual dolls dont come with a stand!

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