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+ 1 positive for Rhaine as a buyer!

Honoured to be the first to leave a feedback for this lovely person with great communication skills.
Fast payment and told me when parcel arrived.

Recommended for an easy and pleasant trasaction.

Thank you again!
+1 for being a fantastic buyer! Great communication, fast payment, and very polite! Would not hesitate to work with again. Thanks!
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+1 as a buyer ^^ sorry for late reply !
+1, we did a split and she paid for her portion promptly and informed me he arrived.
+1 as a buyer! Rhaine bought Bara from me, it was a perfect transaction! Thanks so much!! smile
+1 as seller.

I bought Stica's stock from Rhaine. She was super friendly and shipped really quickly. A perfect transaction.
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+1 as a seller. I bought a custom doll from Rhaine. She was sweet, friendly, and very speedy with shipping. Thanks!
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+ 1 as a buyer
Bought Mao from me- paid super fast was pleasant to deal with. Perfect transaction!
1+ as a buyer - thanks!
My feedback:

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Sold my Mao to her, she is very friendly and sweet to talk to. Quick payment and let me know he arrived to a loving home. Everything went perfect. + 1

Would work together with her again any timesmile
I bought a pullip dress, a taeyang shirt and a pair of pullip shoes from her
Fast shipping, friendly transaction and lovely items ! Will definitely look forward to buy from you again xD
I bought a Neo Noir from Rhaine's Storenvy. She arrived fast and safe and came with cute extra's. I would definitely recommend her as a seller. smile Thanks again!
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+1 as a seller! ^-^

I purchased Pruprate from Rhaine, and I am more than happy with my purchase. She had great communication and was really friendly. Prupate arrived quickly, and was packaged safely. Rhaine also included adorable extras. (: Thank you!

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+ as a seller

I bought a bunch of adorable dolly stockings from Rhaine. Everything was perfect. smile
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