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Please leave your feedback for me here. smile


[Since I'm quite new I don't have much feedback here yet. I have some on pullipfiction under the same username. For more reference of me as a buyer or seller you are welcome to look at my feedback on the swedish version of e-bay:]
You can use me as a reference as well if you need! Mollylinn has bought from me twice (not via DM but another pullip forum) and has been super to deal with smile
Thanks Rosse! It's been great doing buisness with you as well! smile

(Not really a DM transaction, but this is as good a place to leave feedback as any)

I was commissioned to put together some custom eyechips for Molly Linn. Everything went well--I would definitely work with her again. Polite, friendly, pays when she says she will...perfect transaction in every way.

Thanks so much, I hope you enjoy the eyes!

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+1 as a seller

Molly Linn was an absolute pleasure to deal with- she is an excellent communicator who ships really quickly and is just really kind, lovely and friendly. I have bought from Mollyl Linn before (on LJ/Pullip Fiction) and would definitely buy from her again! grin

Superb customer service- Thank you so, sooo much for everything!!
+1 as a great Seller!

I bought a Pullip Chill from her. She arrives in perfect condition, nicely packaged and shipped very quickly. Molly Linn is super kind and lovely, she offered me a cute teddy bear and a stand for the doll. A true pleasure to deal with! yay

Thanks so much and I hope to do business again LOL
+ as seller
Everything was perfect! Nice person! Thank you~
1+ as a buyer! Bought a few things from me, smooth transaction.
My feedback:

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+1 for a great sale

bought a bunch of mini stuff off her - sadly one of the stands broke but she was a sweetie about helping me out with that yay
+1 as a buyer. Great communication and everything was perfect. Thank you! <3
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+1 for Molly Linn as a buyer.
I customised a Blythe doll for Molly Linn and I found her very easy to communicate with. She was very sure of what she wanted from her doll, but was also open to new ideas and suggestions. She paid very promptly and organised the sending of doll and items. As a huge plus, she is pleased with my work on her birthday doll, so that makes me even happier!
Thanks for commissioning me, Molly Linn xxx
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