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Quote:i think they intend us to use the white torso for the ghost girl and the skeleton girl - i mean if you look at Spectra most of her body is white except her limbs - thats probably what their going for

even so, they're making us choose between ghost (new wave) or skeleton (old wave and not in the new wave at all) unless we buy two sets to get two of everything just to get two white bodies? lol and unicorn girl is a pearlie light pinky/purpley and monkey girl is a bright glow in the dark orange ... and puma boy is a BOY and purple/blue ... lol ... not to mention the extra heads in the new CAM sets ... they need EVERYTHING lol ... a girl can dream lol
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Unicorn girl?????????? *googles madly*

(08-06-2012, 05:28 AM)Lilcurly Wrote: Unicorn girl?????????? *googles madly*

She's an add-on for the Monster Lab thing. Not sure if this series is only a Toys R Us exclusive or if that's just the only place I've seen that stocks them.

It'd be nice if we could just buy separate torsos. I only need one for the sea monster girl, but don't want all of them.
^She looks a bit rubbish from the very few pics I found sad I only need a couple of the torso's, I'm just going to sell the ones I don't need on Ebay.

I was all excited about unicorn girl too but she's one of the ones with the non-sculpted face for the decal kit. I'm not too into those. My fave thing about Monster High is the amazing, detailed sculpted faces. I was all like bummer. I love unicorns but she's not really worth the $$ IMHO.
Well the unicorn actually is a unicorn crown, it's not sculpted onto the head itself. I though about buying it just for the crown, but didn't want to spend $17 on it.
Just curious, but are the torso pack still available? I kind of need some for both my skeleton and ghost girls.^^'
Mattel shop has taken them down as far as I know. They may be adding more to it or making new packs for the new sets that have been coming out.
(11-30-2012, 01:38 AM)SwordPony Wrote: Mattel shop has taken them down as far as I know. They may be adding more to it or making new packs for the new sets that have been coming out.

I see. Thank you for pointing this out. I hope they will release a new pack
I really hope they put the torsos back up. I really want the 3 Eyed Monster Girl but I don't want to waste the money if she's just going to sit around. sad I searched on Amazon but the only torso pack I found on there was outrageously priced for $95.
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I was wondering if anyone try putting skeleton or ghost on the mummy's torso? I kind of hoping that they will be somewhat of a match, even if it is not perfect, just acceptable.^^

I already tried to look for some photo, but I haven't find any yet.^^'

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