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Latti yellow basic 16cm
After looking around for a lati yellow haru basic I bumped on some really weird prices for used ones.

So I thought I'd check what is a reasonable price for a used nude lati yellow basic with default make up?
June 2012 basic/nude NS sold for $225. plus ship.

I know of one for sale, the Little Prince/ Haru version/nude NS, for $345. plus ship from EU.

A full set of the Little Prince/Haru sold for $450. plus ship.

The ones with the tan skin seem to sell for more.

Yeah a girl tried to sell me hers basic haru nude with non stock wig and default make up, for 260€ plus shipping. On latidoll he cost 260 usd with default wig and make up. She had bought hers for 250 euro nude with default make up.

She claims that Europe resellers do just switch the currency from usd to € without converting it, so 260 usd turns into 260€
I am not too sure if I want to laugh or cry at that Euro/USD conversion math! I can understand why you are asking.
Hehe yeah, I told her no, I can't afford a new one for 235 usd plus shipping so how did she think that I would pay even more for a used one.
I think a fair price for a second hand Lati yellow basic with a default face up is anywhere between $235 up to about $285, plus extra for shipping, in USD. Getting one for less than the brand new price is not likely unless the doll is in poor condition. Popular face molds will probably go for more (Haru is popular right now).

260 Euro is about 333 USD. I would say that is high, but does include a wig so that could account for some of it. If it were me I would attempt to negotiate a lower price or pass on the deal and wait for something better. wink
That's crazy! Why on earth would a used Lati Yellow cost the same or more than a brand new one with all the stock and newness??? That's not fair.
@afamiliarillusion; unfortunately because of crazy pricing in the EU this often happens- alot of the time the price is just directly converted from dollars to euros.

When I was looking at buying a bjd it would have worked out cheaper to buy direct from the maufacturer in Korea and risk paying customs fees- even with the 20% customs charge plus handling fee it would still mean a saving of over $100 0__o
Well that is just stupid! Looks like I'll just have to save up and buy from the site. grrrrrr
It's not stupid. Brand new Lati dolls are not constantly available whenever you want to buy them. You have to wait until they are available for sale, then you have to wait until they prepare the doll and send it out. You wait a long time to get it. When you buy a used doll of the same price you are paying for the convenience of getting it when you want instead of waiting for the company to make them available.

Also, and I think this is actually even more important to remember, these kinds of dolls are collectible. Their value doesn't tend to go down, they tend to go up, especially if they are well taken care of. It's not like a car where the value drops the minute you drive it off the lot. A used doll isn't worth less just because it's used, it will be worth less if it's worn out, damaged, yellowed, or in lower demand. You need to do research to know exactly what to look for and what things are worth. I had my eye on Lati dolls for years before I actually bought one so that I knew what I was doing before buying. Only once was I able to get a used Lati doll for less than brand new value and that's only because it was not in demand at the time I purchased. All of the others I bought used I had to either pay brand new price for or more. That's how it is.

Edited to add: Keep in mind, if you choose to buy straight from the company expect to pay $50+ for shipping, they only use EMS and it isn't cheap. A basic Lati is $200 but that's without a face up, the face up costs an extra $35. If you want a wig that's extra. If you want the clothes that's extra. It adds up.

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