Valentines Day pics
These are a bit late but here are some couples pics for Valentines Day.

Damian & Kenshin
[Image: V-Day2013DamianKenshin_zpscb33cc92.jpg]

Izzy & Nick
[Image: V-Day2013IzzyNick_zps13647559.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013IzzyNick2_zps10fa1ef8.jpg]

Kona & Zoey
[Image: V-Day2013KonaZoey_zps3f79bbf8.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013KonaZoey2_zpsec1a7e89.jpg]

Momiji & Ritsu
[Image: V-Day2013MomijiRitsuka_zps2719a005.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013MomijiRitsuka2_zps4a3a0068.jpg]

Nagi & Cain
[Image: V-Day2013NagiCain_zps588a8c7d.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013NagiCain2_zps11e9da4a.jpg]

Saki & Nate
[Image: V-Day2013SakiNate_zps15598bf7.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013SakiNate2_zps3515f6a0.jpg]

Skye & Kaori
[Image: V-Day2013SkyeKaori_zps57408d5d.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013SkyeKaori2_zps3a9018bc.jpg]

Yukari & Rorana
[Image: V-Day2013YukariRorana_zps7e2624d0.jpg]
[Image: V-Day2013YukariRorana2_zps6c5c379f.jpg]
Oh dear have Skye & Kaori had a falling out? I don't usually like Byul but yours is a cutie!
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Aw they are absolutely adorable! ^^ I love the affectionate poses!
Those are cute pics!
I like how the background co-ordinates so well with their wardrobes.
Cute piccies! smile

Aww I wish I had enough dolls to make V-day pictures yay Still need to get a Taeyang for my Pullip (Maybe a Gyro or Arion?) :3 I really love your other 'date story' with Izzy and Nick, so now they are one of my faves!
Cute pics! Your dolls are adorable. <3 ^^

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