PUDDLE story
[Image: DSCN0483425x640_zps75c82b3d.jpg]
Hey! Big person!
Yes, Iris?
I've been here for over a month and you've ignored me the whole time!
Not true...not entirely...I've been busy...
(Snicker) That's rich. Have you introduced me yet?
No...ahhh....I'm doing it now!

[Image: DSCN0488480x640_zps1ebcdd63.jpg]
Maybe THIS will make it up to you. You can help me look at this PUDDLE gift bag that True sent.

[Image: DSCN0491557x640_zpsc2da6969.jpg]
Oh, True sent me presents? I like her!

[Image: DSCN0493398x640_zpsb7478951.jpg]
A beautiful pillow, I love it!
It's yours then.
I know. Didn't I just say that?!

[Image: DSCN0496618x640_zpsc623c414.jpg]
What's this? Am I in it?

[Image: DSCN0497640x611_zpsd67345cb.jpg]
No me, boring!

[Image: DSCN0499495x640_zpsd73f8fbe.jpg]
What's this?
A wig.

[Image: DSCN0500480x640_zps96393fc0.jpg]
Is it for me?
I dunno yet, you have such pretty colored hair.
That's true, whatever then.

[Image: DSCN0501450x640_zpsc0f5ec35.jpg]
Gimme, gimme!
Iris, behave!

[Image: DSCN0502490x640_zps9c852488.jpg]
This is MINE! What is it?
A hair barrette.

[Image: DSCN0505480x640_zps64514d1e.jpg]
I look magnificent in it!
Yes, it suits you. It's very pretty.

[Image: DSCN0507640x528_zpsab124e72.jpg]
More stuff?! Paper boring!
It's better when you can read it....

[Image: DSCN0508640x616_zpsdd4157b2.jpg]
This is interesting, it MUST be for me.

[Image: DSCN0510626x640_zpse65ca7aa.jpg]
What is it?
A bag.
Yah, boring.
I think it's for ME.
For... you??? Weird.

[Image: DSCN0511488x640_zpsfaf61131.jpg]
I love it, it's mine. Whatever it is.

[Image: DSCN0514393x640_zps77dbd264.jpg]
It's a necklace and it does look good on you.
Of course!

[Image: DSCN0518640x420_zps02837cbb.jpg]
See? It's for me after all!

In unison:

I wasn't able to go after all, and True sent me the goody bag! Well worth the price of registration and it was fun to get a taste of it.

La la la, I don't know. The world forget... Feel like so!

Life's too short for ugly dolls!
Adorable! I love Iris's personality -- so sassy. LOL

Thanks for showing us your goody bag, kuanyin. smile
Awesome goodies in the bag...at least Iris can enjoy the stuff despite not being able to attend PUDDLE.
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Awwww, cute!! <3
Her personality is so distinct! yay

That was really nice of her to send you the gift bag!
Thanks for posting this! I'm glad you and Iris enjoyed receiving it.
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