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Ever After High
I just saw these online but I have not seen them in stores.

Made by Mattel, they are daughters of Fairy Tale characters with sort of a take on Monster High: Madeline Hatter, Apple White, Raven Queen, Briar Beauty.

Their bodies are not as thin and they have soft faces and fantasy colored hair. Their outfits remind me of La De Dah dolls.

They have a cartoon (of course! in this day and age) as well as a FB page and website.

Are you a Rebel or a Royal? (made me think of Jane Austen "Is she out?")


Have you seen them? what is the cost?
What about overall quality?
I saw them at evil bay but original prices are hard to determine there.

Other info:

Facebook Page


Official Site
I have three of them, you can get them at Justice. Justice is a little girls clothing store. I think the first set was like $32.99 but they have been running 40% discounts and you get them for like $20.00. They have a second set that has come out and those ar $42.00 but agine you can get the 40% discount on them.

Over all I think the quality is good. They are no worse then the Monster High Dolls. I like the fact that they are diffrent then the Monster High girls but not to much. The Monster High girls can share their cloths but they can't share the Monster High clothes as they are a bit thicker. The face molds are also rounder and flater, but nice.
Thanks for that info.

We don't have a Justice store around here.
At the rate of all the store closings in our area, I don't think any major retailer would set up shop!
Justice stores are usually in major shopping malls. You guys don't have one at the nearest large mall? slash
I don't really to intend to collect Ever After High dolls, I don't like their face sculpts as much as Monster High's and I'm not as big a fan of the source material generally (most fairy tales are just kind of eh to me) . I love Alice in Wonderland though so I did buy Maddie, I posted a review of her up on my blog .

The nearest Justice to me is an hour away so I don't go all that often, I did get $25 of like Justice bucks during my last trip so probably some time this week we will take a run up there. If they don't have any of my needed MH, I may get a second Ever After High doll as it would basically be free.. and I do kind of like the Snow White themed doll.
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I have Maddie too! She is very cute in person. You can also get them online at, they even have the sale price!
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I just checked the website and found a mall store (our mall is tiny). It must have just opened up because last time I was at the mall, it was not there.
Many mall shops have closed so I guess that one moved into an available space.
Ah, well that's good news. Are you going to stop by and check out the Ever After High girls?
Yes, next trip out, I need to pen that in my calendar.
I can stop at TrU close by to see what's new there also.
Well, I was at Fred Meyer (owned by Kroger, for those not on the West Coast) last night and lo and behold, they had just set up a huge Ever After High display. I had been eyeing them on eBay for awhile, and just couldn't bring myself to pay the prices I'd seen. However, they were $24.00 each at Fred Meyer, plus 10% off because I have a club card, plus an additional 10% off because I had a coupon for Mattel toys, so I figure I got them for about $19.50/doll.

I went ahead and bought Raven Queen and Maddie Hatter, because I had no interest in Apple, though I might get Briar down the road.

They were definitely lovely in the box, but I'll admit that I was a bit disappointed when I took them out. Both have serious hair issues (anything not visible when they were in the package was matted and gnarled behind their bodies, I actually had to cut knotted mattes of hair off both of them). I'm going to have to completely re-set Maddie's curls, though I'm becoming a pro at that after de-boxing all my Monster High dolls. Maddie also had a problem when they made the hole for her earring, so she had a glob of flesh-toned plastic coming off the side of her face like a tumor. Luckily, a bit of a trim with my X-acto knife, and you can barely tell.

Raven's knee joints don't work properly, and I cannot even bend her right leg. Her left leg only bends a little.

If/when they release more dolls, I'll probably only get them if I have coupons. I would love to see them release Kitty Cheshire and Lizzie Hearts, as I love all things Alice in Wonderland anyway. I'd also like to see the pets. But, we'll see.
Feel like so.
Thanks for your review Amethystle.

I have not made the mall yet (too far away and have not traveled in that direction).

However, I did see them at Target and they were only $20.

I thought the packaging was nice but was not sure of the overall quality.

They were next to the Monster High dolls in the corner of the shelf.
i have Maddie - i plan to eventually customize her into a mermaid but its taking me a bit since i need to find all the right stuff - the bodies are a bit different from Monster High, like how you can only remove the hands and nothing else, and then theres the odd shape of the head slash
... i can't get past the heads that are the same and look like beach balls which makes their faces look teeny tiny sad

but i love love LOVE the clothes and i'm very sad that i cant bring myself to get past the head to buy raven queen who i adore
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They're actually set in the same doll-verse as the Monster High dolls are - C.A. Cupid, originally from the Monster High line, now attends Ever After High. I really like the doll's fashions, but the faces and heads are kind of strange to me. I doubt I'll collect them, I might just try to troll eBay for their clothes since they'll fit on my Monster High dolls. What I really love is how Apple White - the one you would think would be the heroine of the story, is kind of a mean girl type snob. It's a really nice deviation away from the typical stories. I adore Madeline Hatter though. She's my favorite so far that I've seen, though I really love C.A. Cupid's makeover. She doesn't have a doll yet, I'm afraid.

Does anyone know if the EVA shoes also fit the Monster High dolls?
I can confirm that Ever After High shoes fit Monster High dolls.
Feel like so.

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