Feedback for Missy_Crane
Okay, starting one of these for if/when I trade on here.

In the meantime I have 100% positive feedback on Ebay, please PM to ask for my username.

Thanks! smile
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1+ as a buyer - smooth transaction selling her a NRFB Taeyang. Thanks!
My feedback:

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+1 as a buyer :3
Bought my tae Andrew, paid promptly and great communication!
+1 as a buyer. A pleasure to deal with. smile
+1 as a seller for Prunella <3 perfect
+1 great buyer. Thank you!
+1 as a seller.

I bought pullip aurora, she was sent very well packaged & in beautiful condition, many thanks! smile

+1 as a buyer
Missy bought one of my Tae customs, paid exactly when promised (before, in fact) and communication was awesome smile He is on his way, I hope he is very quick to arrive home.
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+1 as a seller

I bought Chloi from Missy, she was honest, understanding, and flexible. I am so happy with my dolly. I will buy from her again. You can trust her! Thank you so much again yay
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+1 as a seller

Missy sold me 2 of my older girl grail dolls. She is a joy to work with, honest, open, perfect fast communication .. the best ! Thankyou again smile
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+ 1 buyer, very helpful and patient with me as a first time seller out of country. Thank you smile
+1 as seller, bought Pullip Moon from her. Shipped fast and communication was wonderful. Thank you so much smile
+1 as seller. Bought original Fanatica still in her box. She was great when we were dealing with payment and shipping was fast. She had great communication throughout the transaction!

Thanks Missy for my grail! smile
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+1 as a seller.

Wonderful to deal with, great communication and very helpful smile Would definitely recommend ! Many thanks for one of my grail girls <3

[Image: 25zqs0p.png]

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+1 as seller! Very amazing to deal with!! Communication is excellent and she is such a sweetheart! Would definitely do business again. Thank you so very very much <3

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