an old arrival story
Originally posted on the PS forum in February 2009.

Cinnamoroll: Hey, Jolie! A package came. We think it's a Dal. Wanna help open it?
Jolie: No.
[Image: smjouet1.jpg]

Jolie: Thank you for asking.
[Image: smjouet2.jpg]

Cinnamoroll: Wow, I'm worried about Jolie! She doesn't even get mad any more. I'm afraid she is giving up hope.
Melize: Oh, no! One should never give up hope!
[Image: smjouet3.jpg]

[Image: smjouet4.jpg]

Watch it with that dagger, Fiori!
[Image: smjouet5.jpg]

It's a small box – I think there is only one Dal inside.
[Image: smjouet7.jpg]

How odd! True almost always buys at least two of us to save on shipping, she says.
[Image: smjouet8.jpg]

And the box came from Japan. When have ANY of us ever come from Japan?
[Image: smjouet9.jpg]

Hong Kong, sure, but Japan?
[Image: smjouet6.jpg]

*celestial music* Oh!
[Image: smjouet10.jpg]

*more celestial music* Ah!
[Image: smjouet11.jpg]

[Image: smjouet12.jpg]

She's so beautiful!
[Image: smjouet13.jpg]

voice from offstage: Hello.
[Image: smjouet14.jpg]

Jouet: Hello! Aren't you even going to say hello?
Jolie: No. Please leave me alone.
[Image: smjouet15.jpg]

Jouet: Well, that's nice! I come all the way from Japan after all this time and you aren't even going to say hello?
[Image: smjouet16.jpg]

Jolie: Jouet! Jouet! Is it really you? I'd given up hope that I'd ever see you!
Jouet: There, there. I'm here now!
[Image: smjouet17.jpg]

Jolie: How was your trip? Were you lonely alone in the box?
[Image: smjouet18.jpg]

Jouet: Nah, it wasn't that bad.
[Image: smjouet19.jpg]

Jolie: Cinnamoroll! Melize! I want to introduce you to my sister, Jouet!
[Image: smjouet20.jpg]

Melize: Your sister! You never told us she was your sister!
Jolie: Well, I didn't want anyone to feel sorry for me.
[Image: smjouet21.jpg]

Jouet: It's nice to be here! I look forward to meeting everyone!
[Image: smjouet22.jpg]

True: Someone's going to have to move off the shelf Jolie is on so that there's room for Jouet.
Coco: I'll move! Put me wherever Ciel will be going. thinking: I am sure that Ciel and I will get along great. And we can trick True into buying Ciel's servant so we can share him!
[Image: smjouet23.jpg]

Bonus shots:
[Image: smjouet24.jpg]

[Image: smjouet25.jpg]

Can you believe it? I finally have Jouet!!
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She's such a cutie <3 They look lovely together.

I love this story!! I especially love the parts where the Dals cower in awe as the box opens! LOL I bet this was an incredible and satisfying day for you, True! Heart
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Thank you both! I was very pleased that the sun cooperated in my box opening photos so it looked like light was coming from the box. smile I was the one hearing celestial music.
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Oh, how adorable! I love the shot of all those little Dals gathered around the box! Heart
I love it! Yes, the Dals are so cute surrounded by the box. And I especially like Monomono's solo photo.
Jouet sure is special smile
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Aww you make me miss my Melize that I wish I kept her in stock outfit! Oh well I can always redress her back XD

I love this little tale, and I heard/self-insert the celestial music while reading XD Glad to see how Jouet looks irl, I was contemplating whether to get her mini-Jouet version. The polar-bear outfit is so cute! In that photo when everyone's staring onwards to the box; Hina Ichigo's turning her face away... like "Goodness, the light is blinding!"
You're making me want Jouet, she's so cute with Jolie!
Thank you all! I do think Jouet is one of the "It" Dals, and it's a killer that she is so limited but is paired with Jolie.
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