New way to get BST Access!
Please add BST access:
I have 15 forum posts,
have a feedback thread (,
and have my location filled out.

Thank You.
My name is Rive on Den of Angels, my feedback is there
My introduction here
My feedback here
My location is filled out.

Access please. yay I know I could be waiting a week but it will give me time to explore this forum and learn about this new branch in my hobby.
I have 50 positive feedback (0 neutral or negative) at MHArena. Screen name is the same, but here is a link:;u=69
Hello, I think I've met the requirements smile
Please add me
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Hello again:

May I please have BST access? I am very active here, have feedback, and my location filled out. Please refer to my last post in this thread from October 2016. Thanks.
Hi there

Please can I have the BST access I am a old member who has been here before looking at getting back into starting a Collecton I think I have made all the requirements
Here is my feedback forum
Can I please have BST access?

Feedback thread here:

Location filled out
Completed post requirements

My Girls: Alice Mint du Jardine (Lottie), Brand New Purrezza (Amelia), Ayanamei Rei (Evie), Princess Ann/Roman Holiday (Kit), Aquel (Becky), Scarlet (Izzy), Meg (Jo-Meg), Laura (Antimony), Nahh-Ato (Shala), Chicca (Maeve), Peter Pan (Meredith), VeryBerryPop (Daisy), SDCC2016 Wonder Woman (Diana), Taffy (Tansy), Amelia (Beatrice), Steampunk Cheshire Cat (Antoinette), Arietta (Ashli), Naoko (Zoey), Mocha MIO (Nyxie), Steampunk Mad Hatter (Hattie), Sapphire Princess Knight (Roni), Steampunk Alice (Lizette), Asoka Sorayu (Nova), Steampunk Taeyang Dodo (Theodore), Steampunk Isul White Rabbit (Finn), Tiphona (Felicity), Anthy Himemiya (Ester), Mocha MIO (honey), Alte (Bethan)
I've hit my 15 posts, got my feedback thread and have a location, please could I have BST access? Thanks.
PULLIPS: Haute NY, Catwoman, Another Queen, Kaela, Ala
TAEYANGS: Another King, Romantic King, Hook

For Sale: Rovam, Souseiseki, Lead, Shade
Could I please have BST access? I have 15 posts, my location set, and a feedback thread. yay
I meet all the criteria, could I have access? LOL
Looking for: Dal Lucia, Sentimental Noon, Taeyang Richt

Could I please have access?

I have over 15 posts, an introduction post, a feedback thread & location filled in :3
Hi - I have an introduction thread and feedback thread and 15+ posts, and would like BST access if possible.

Thank you.
I think I'm good for BST approval. Lots of feedback, intro and feedback thread below smile

MLPArena Feedback


Feedback Thread
I'm really interested in gaining BST access, I have made 15 forum posts.
My feedback thread:
And I have filled out my location !
Thank you so much for your time ~good vibes~

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