East Bay Meet Up (SF Bay Area) - Ardenwood Historic Farm/ (COMPLETE)

Wondering if anyone wants to have a quick meet up in January at Ardenwood Historic Farm in Fremont, CA (East bay)?

Here is information about the farm:

I'll be hosting Penny, the traveling Yeolume during that time and if you'd like to meet up, let's do it!

Admission is about $3 to enter the farm (they have cute animals!) and they'll have monarch butterfly walks if you're interested. We can have a picnic if it's warm enough (or have a snack in my condo too, I'm not too far away from the farm). It's also not too far off from the Coyote Hills Regional Park, so we can take her out for some nature photos or something. smile I've taken my Figma Link out there a few times for photos.

Or we can have a meet up for some afternoon tea at Tyme for Tea. I've never been there, but it looks cute!

Anytime after January 11th works for me.

Hope to hear from y'all! smile
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