May flowers!
Just wanted to share a couple of pictures of my Evie (Veronica Lace) I snapped today. These awesome bushes (some kind of cherry) finally started flowering after our cold Spring!

[Image: 14170907292_38b791296c.jpg]
Evie in the cherry bush by TinyTinnu, on Flickr

[Image: 14193695593_11af92e15f.jpg]
Evie in the cherry bush by TinyTinnu, on Flickr

I thought about sitting her in one of the branches, but I was too worried she might fall out, so I ended up just holding her and cropping smile
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My feedback:

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I like how she fits in color-wise with the blooms! Very pretty!
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I love these pictures. The colors are just perfect, ans she's so adorable and sweet.
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Ooooh, I've never seen Veronica Lace before, and I am absolutely in love! Her hair color is stunning, and are those her stock eyechips? They're so muted, but they bring out such wonderful tones in her faceup! What a gorgeous dolly. Heart
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She's so beautiful! Great pictures!
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She's gorgeous! And I believe those are sand cherry shrubs. I used to have a couple of them myself.
She is so gorgeous <3. And I love the bushes as well grin. One day when I have my own place and garden I need to have cherry trees, and lots of cute bushes. Hmm, I should take a couple of dollies to my grandfathers sometime to take photos with the jasmine bush.
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Thanks, everyone! smile

pixachii, they are her stock chips. They are quite dark, but I like them a lot! Even on BK, I don't see many pictures of Veronica Lace. Her hair is a super fun color smile I didn't want to worry about re-scalping a Blythe, so I tried to pick a girl with hair I wouldn't want to change, and I think it worked!

CB, I think you are right that they are sand cherries, thank you for jogging my memory!

Buzzingbumblebee, I lucked out that the bushes came with the house and were in pretty good shape smile I'd love to see pictures of your dollies in the bushes too, hehe!
[thread=7254515]My feedback[/thread]
She's beautiful, and the flowers are exquisite!
Thank you! yay
[thread=7254515]My feedback[/thread]

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