Central Massachusetts Meet?
I could possibly go depending on the date this meet is held - I'm currently in NY but there are weeks I will go home to MA. The last and only one I went to was at Animadness so it would be nice to go again since I've been collecting a lot longer.
Have: Sfoglia, Barasuishou, customized Neo Noir, Milch, Ciel Robin version, Youtsuzu, Stica, Tomoe Mami, Ayanami Rei, Asuka Soryu Langley, Eris, Kirakishou (2014), Oscar Francois, Regeneration Paja, Utena Tenjou, and Anthy Himemiya
Minis: Little Berry, Little R, Little Swan, Aggonya, Little Riletto, Little Mercu, Little Jupi, Moonstone, Dormouse, and Jouet

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