review and photos of Taeyang AKIRA x Destinee de la Rose
"My sweet princess, who have tasted the forbidden fruit... Are you going to sleep forever? If you wake up with this kiss, I will escort you to another dream…"

A Triple Collaboration Doll Featuring ALICE and the PIRATES x Taeyang x Charismatic Model

Wow! This boy is incredibly handsome, and his stock is very well made. Plus he was very easy to debox.
[Image: Akira1.jpg]

Love his faceup and the color of his eyelids.
[Image: Akira2.jpg]

[Image: Akira3.jpg]

The white has just the right amount of gold and a splash of red. His body is not floppy and his stock is unlikely to stain.
[Image: Akira5.jpg]

[Image: Akira6.jpg]

[Image: Akira4.jpg]

Mine is going to get a bang trim, but otherwise he is just about perfect.
[Image: Akira7.jpg]
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He's gorgeous, True! I too love his eyelids. I don't think brown shades are used often enough in Pullip and co. and they can be so flattering. Milk Latte is one of my favourite dolls because she's so darn beige xD

His stock looks beautiful and well-made. -squints- Is that a kind of brockade-type fabric on his arm and belt?
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He's so pretty! I like his face up and the wig looks like its good quality.
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I got him when he was released and I must say that he has a beautiful face up, his wig is good quality as well as his stock. He is just handsome. Congrats on obtaining him. smile
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Ooh, I didn't realize he had a streak in his hair! He's more princely than Twilight Destiny and Prince Ramiro. I might have to have him.
I've wanted him pretty much since he was released...although I plan to dress him as a hipster-esque artsy slightly grunge boy. So I'd have no use for his beautifully elaborate outfit.
(Ahem, if anyone wants a split...)
He is indeed very princely!
My feedback:

Join us at the Pullip and Dal Doll Lovers Event in June 2024. The theme is Retro Memories Sweet Sixteen.
Well isn't he a real looker. I love his little beauty mark. He's very handsome
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And my want list just grew.
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I quite like him~ *goes to avoid looking at others' photos* Tongue
He's sooooo manly.
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That is a FINE taeyang there. .w.
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Ohhh, he's so handsome. His hair looks like it's really nice quality.. and I love his arched eyebrows. smile

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