Friends Cinna comes to visit c:
My friend Hanna found a NFRB Cinna online on Ebay for $100 O_O

She bought her despite a fair bit of hesitation (she's been ripped off before) but it was LEGIT

She brought her over and man, I am mega jealous of her! Cinna is SOOO CUTE!

I had a Cinna stock so I slapped it on Maylee and took piocs of them together c:

[Image: dasdadasdadadasd.png]
Your friend got a good deal. The two of them look cute!
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Your friend did so well.....and they both look so cute together ((yay))
I love the photos of the two of them together!
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cuteness overload!
She's so cute!
Cinna is the only dal that I own n_n they look so adorable together Cx

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So cute!!! grin I love the original Cinna. smile
Super cute! Cinna is one I'd love to get one day, and the 2 of them look adorable together.
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That's a steal for original Cinna! They both look cute in her stock.
awww what a duo! These two are adorable!
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Awww~! <3 Such a cute pair! I really love Cinnamoroll's suit. smile It's so soft and fluffy and really adorable! Maylee looks darling in it! <3
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