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Round 6 Winners and Rankings!
Congrats to Ra Muw and Squish coming in 1st place!

Congrats to V-det and Kyubi09 coming in 2nd place!

Congrats to Princessa and Requiem coming in 3rd place!

And to everyone who participated in Round 6!

View Dalicious Place Rankings and Final Scores
(Note: Each challenge had a total possible of a 60 point score)

For those that won we will be contacting you about your prizes this coming week.

Dalicious Round 7 will start taking sign-ups early next year. So keep an eye out for sign-up info.
Congrats to the winners yay
I had much fun in this, it seems that I improved since last time.
Coty will enter yet again, since it's my only dal..
If you can smell what Coty is cooking

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Congrats to all the winners! Well deserved! And congrats to all the participants! It was a long and difficult (well at least for me!) photo contest but the challenges were really fun and I learned so much!!! It was a pleasure competing in this contest!!! Thank you for organizing this and count me in for the next Dalicious Round! smile
Congratulations to all the winners!

Just a note it's going to be about a week before I am able to ship dolls out to the top three winners.
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Congratulations to all the winner's!!! This was very fin and I am so glad I could have bin apart of it grin
I'm so happy for everyone! smile We all did great, and learned a lot about photography. I haven't seen any who didn't improve some. smile

Goodness, this had been so fun! smile smile
Congrats to the winners! Ra Muw was definitely my first choice. But it was fun to see all the creative entries. Thanks to the judges - I know judging is hard work!
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Congratulations to the winners! Happy
Congratulations, winners... and to all who made such fun photos. It was entertaining to look at each week's entries, and I think everyone should be pleased with their efforts. Hope the winners will share pix of their prizes too smile
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Congrats to the winners and everyone who put the time and effort into entering.
Woohoo! Congrats to Raw Mu and Squish. What incredible talent and an artistic eye you have, not to mention skills with a camera. Princessa and Requiem, you cornered the market on humor, hands down. (I'm still in love with that head hunter photo.) Also, I am amazed that I made second! I was aiming/hoping for somewhere in mid top 10 at best. I had a ton of fun, and actually was really happy with the photos I came up with. V-det has far more charm and personality to me now that I've gotten to know her a little better, plus she's got a couple new handmade outfits, got a photograph with (and hat signed by) Alton Brown, and even a couple props to play with, that would never have happened if I hadn't entered. Even if I hadn't been up there in the ranks, all that would have made it worthwhile. Everyone who entered should be really proud of themselves too. There were some truly amazing photos, and all of them were full of the personality and charm of the Dals and those who own them.
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Congrats to the winners and also the participants! Your photos were fun to look at!
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congratulations to the winners and to everyone who took the time and trouble to enter. I loved looking at all the photos every week.
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Congratulations to the winners and everyone who took on that amazing feat. Each challenge was full on beautiful and creative entries. It was a lot of fun to follow even as someone on the sidelines because the photos produced were always fantastic. Good work, guys!
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