Gumji, the Ruby-haired Blythe
Hi everyone!

[Image: 17050397031_4a77998d9d.jpg]

Gumji by Another Banana, on Flickr

Today I would like to introduce Gumji, a ruby-coloured factory Blythe. She was my practice doll whilst I learnt how to customise - and thus has been through quite a lot! She has 4 hand-painted eyechips (Sparkly Green, Starry Sky Blue, Copper and a Dusty sparkly purple), gold-leafed eyelids, new lashes, a custom faceup sealed with MSC, has carved nose, lips, and philtrum as well as a mini chin cleft. She has new pullstrings for sleep eyes and normal eye colour change. She's been a bit of a labour of love and has taught me so much about the Blythe ways!

[Image: 16864998619_a850e77cc8.jpg]

Gumji by Another Banana, on Flickr

[Image: 16863681530_d5d64b405f.jpg]

Gumji by Another Banana, on Flickr

She's a bit of a stand-offish sultry lady! (or my friend likes to say she has a bit of attitude!)
I love her little nose! She looks great, and it sounds like you learned a ton working on her smile
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She is so pretty.

What did you use to paint the eye chips?

Thanks for sharing.
wow, she is soooo cute, the face is very nice <3 *.*
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