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17 inch
Sorry to "necro" such an old, outdated topic. Then again, the "necro" thing is so appropriate to Monster High! Or at least, appropriate to the "old school" Monster High, before the line was diluted and made all cutesy and stuff.

Anyway, to illustrate the relative size of the Frightfully Tall Ghouls, here's 17-inch Elissabat sporting a pair of American Girl scale eyeglasses:

[Image: 25642332674_530d973ea2_z.jpg]

Isn't she just the moddest, grooviest chick with those '60s style bangs and those over-sized granny glasses?
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
I think I'd have to paint over those fangs to get the full effect. But I am surprised that they fit so well.
she looks beautiful smile

Is there a 17" Ghoulia or Spectra? I am (clearly) out of the MH world but I would love one of them in the bigger size.
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(11-26-2017, 02:22 PM)Miss Edith Wrote: Is there a 17" Ghoulia or Spectra? I am (clearly) out of the MH world but I would love one of them in the bigger size.

I believe the "Frightfully Tall" 17-inch line was limited to Elissabat, Draculaura, Clawdine, and Frankie. Gooliope is sometimes considered part of this line because of her size.

There was also a line of 28-inch figures which included Skelita and several color variants called Beast Freaky Friends.

To the best of my knowledge, there was never a 17-inch release of Ghoulia or Spectra.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
well poop :/ I thank you for your reply, I didn't expect those 2 to have been released but I hoped smile

I love Frankie but I don't need a large version. You have given me a mission for right now -- to see the 28" Skelita LOL I can't imagine an MH doll that size!
Arashi N&B - Rayne N&B - Alfred
I would have been all over Ghoulia.
My feedback:

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(11-27-2017, 07:26 AM)TrueFan Wrote: I would have been all over Ghoulia.
Me too! I passed on the others.
I didn't know there was a 17" Elissabat! She's one of the few newer dolls before the reboot I actually like. MH never seems to listen to their fans to me, Ghoulia is a major fan favorite (When I started collecting it was my goal to have all of the Ghoulia dolls but that didn't happen lol) and to my knowledge hasn't come back since the reboot. They're really missing out, people love her. Can you imagine if they made as many Ghoulia dolls as they did Draculaura? That'd be awesome! (Lagoona is another one of my favorites but her dolls are always lackluster anyways so... lmao) I would have loved a 17" Ghoulia! She would have been so cute and all the details in her stock would have looked really nice scaled up.
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My bf surprised me with a Draculaura recently and I'm still in shock over the clothing that fits these dolls.
She is a bit taller than my MSD BJDs, but wears Blythe/Pullip dresses and Pullip hats! grin

Her hair is horrible, though. I have never had a doll with such horrid hair in my life.

Here she is for the time being. I plan on painting over her fangs and getting her a wig. smile
[Image: 38652238812_03a7dc1b71.jpg]
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My niece was (and still is) a MH fangirl. However, she grew up and stored away all of her dolls last year. Key word, stored. Me and my sis advised against selling or donating anything. We went through this ourselves and getting anything back can be pricey.

Anyway, I bought last year a 17" Clawdeen, my niece fave ghoul, on clearance at 20$. But I kept it because she was out of MH. However, she still have her normal Clawdeen on display. This X-Mass, my niece will freak out when she'll get the long gone big Clawdeen! She still have trouble grasping the concept of money's value due to her condition so I doubt she'll care nor know the significance that this 17" Clawdeen is now worth way over 100$ on the secondary market. She'll get her favorite character at a BJD size with her highly detailed "G1" stock.
I'll only give her this one gift. And it will count, big time!
[Image: 17302995_Alt05?wid=488&hei=488&fmt=pjpeg]

Bonus: Randomly found this custom repaint. And DAAAANNNNGGG!!!
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
(09-12-2018, 07:53 PM)Kanrabat Wrote: Anyway, I bought last year a 17" Clawdeen....

If that photo is the figure you found... <i>for only twenty dollars</i>... you really scored! I recently learned that there are two versions of the <i>boxes</i> for the Frightfully Tall figures. The early releases were like the one you pictured, a tall box in which the figure stands upright. The one I have (see photo below) is a "short box" version, where the figures have their knees bent and are generally scrunched up. Apparently Mattel changed the packaging in response to retailers who complained that the tall-box versions took up too much shelf space. The short-box versions are less popular among collectors.

Unfortunately, except for Elissabat, who is, of course, the one I opened, my other Frightfully Tall figures are short-box versions.

[Image: 41463080171_c4fb00d64b_n.jpg]

Other than the box dimensions, I believe the figures are identical.
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
I'll have to dig up the Clawdeen from storage to see which version I have. However, come Xmass, that box will be thrown in the recycling bin regardless. Me and my neice both feel strongly against keeping any doll boxed.
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Wow, that's realky nice, Kanrabat! :3
I never even knew Frightfully Tall had different box styles; have never seen the short one in my life!
Personally I wasn't a fan. I returned mine shortly after I bought her because she looked so cheap. (That's fun she can wear other lines's clothes, though!) Gooliope's my only big girl now. smile

Oh Davidd, Elissabat in those glasses looks like a Monster High x Harry Potter combo! LOL
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]

Dug Clawdeen from storage and look at that. It's the Upright box!
[Image: dbgfWo9.jpg]

Time to make bank on Ebay. [Image: nkgOcJK.gif]

I would never do that to my favorite (and only) niece. wink
[Image: 8ZtVOxb.jpg]
Wow, lucky niece! In my opinion she looks pretty nice for a Frightfully Tall - something about their faces and/or eyes always looked off to me, but yours looks like a regular Clawdeen! ... Minus the fact that she's dwarfing those Transformers. LOL
[Image: 49035651448_1fbe84a2fc_o_d.jpg]


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