Hurrem's trip to aquarium
I was sure I commented here on the jellyfish photo. It must have been the facebook group smile Anyway, all your photos are beautiful, the new sweater is beautiful and it looks as if everyone had a great day.

Don't worry about your son. My youngest child - my daughter who is now 24 & pregnant Heart 2 and I went for years on and off, talking through our teddy bears. My 2 boys got so used to it, at first it just annoyed them smile One bear especially was the family favourite and I spent more time talking as Cubby than I did as myself.

My daughter is a happy, healthy, smart, mature person & I hope when my first grandchild is born, she does similar things with him or her. Imagination is a wonderful thing.
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(02-18-2016, 05:05 AM)Missy_Crane Wrote: Wow, beautiful photos! She looks like she had a fun time smile

Hah you're amazing, I don't think I'd have the guts to whip out my dolls for a photo shoot in an aquarium, I'm barely ok with taking pictures in public places like parks!!

Thank you smile yep we all had fun. I think the other dolls are jealous of her.
About the courage. Thank you. I think in US or at least where I live people really don't show their feelings and they don't stare at me so I don't feel sensitive. If they did then I would be vary of showing her. But my husband was petrified Sweatdrop I was kind of shocked with that but at the end it was fun smile

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