Long time no see - look what I found!
I haven't been active on the board in quite some time, but I saw something cute I thought I'd share here! I work in a pet store and we just started carrying some new stuff for hamsters - a customer was checking out this yellow bathtub and I realized today it might work for some smaller dolls!

[Image: 4F54iFC.png]

There's a wooden sofa and armchair too in the series, but given that they're intended for hamsters etc. to gnaw on I'm not too confident in their color rubbing off on dolls. The bathtub is glazed ceramic though, so I'm reasonably certain it's safe! It's about six inches long, link here. If anyone wants to see what it looks like in person, I can snap a photo next time I'm working!
Looking for stands!
Welcome back.

That is cute!  Such a cheerful yellow.
I will have to check it out the next time I am nearby.

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