MegaHouse 1/6 To Heart 2 Konomi Yuzuhara (2007)
[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%202.png]


she finally arrived, after about a full month of waiting.

a little disappointing, as i was expecting her to be based upon an OBITSU 24,
much as her companion Lucy Maria Misora was, but alas,
she's based around the very same archaic OBITSU 21 design as the one
that i had gotten a couple of years back for my VOLKS UFS To Heart 1 HMX-12 Multi.

naturally, her head, being rather perfectly scaled for the 21,
looks rather awkward when mated to an OBITSU 24, old or new design.

perhaps someday OBITSU will roll out a new 21cm. design,
and that will be poor Konomi-chan's salvation.

for now, however;

[Image: s-IMGP0677.jpg]

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%204.jpg]

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%202-1-20%201%20RESIZE%2027.png]

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%202-1-20%202%20RESIZE%2027.png]

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%202-1-20%203.png]
fully dressed photos to come, soon as i finish working on her sailor suit...
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
She's absolutely adorable! Such a sweet face. Fingers crossed that Obitsu makes new 21cm body!
Glad she finally arrived!
She is so cute!
so, i ended up getting experimental with the old design OBITSU 24 left over from Lucy,
and, though not quite perfect, it does seem to work for Konomi surprisingly well;

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%20%202-2-20%201...E%2030.png]

* Konomi Yuzuhara - 2009 OBITSU 24
* Lucy Maria Misora - 2018 OBITSU 24

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%20JOHN%20%202-2-20%202...E%2030.png]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
It looks nice! She's taller, but the proportions are fine!
a bit of Fun, Fractured Phrasing for those amused by such things;

[Image: To%20Heart%202%20Konomi%20-%20Lucy%20Meg...20%201.jpg]

[Image: To%20Heart%202%20Konomi%20-%20Lucy%20Meg...20%202.jpg]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
A forelock change part! Just what I've always wanted!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Ha, those were a laugh to read
those "stretched" proportions on Konomi just kept continually bugging me,
so i got her an OBITSU 24ver. 2 body, and... IT WORKS BEAUTIFULLY!!!

[Image: Konomi%20and%20Lucy%204-6-20%20RESIZE%2025.png]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
at last, the Konomi-chan that i've pined for, for years now, has arrived;

[Image: Konomi%20Yuzuhara%204-8-20%20RESIZE%2030.png]
[Image: A_Night_at_Konomi_19-10-23_FULLSIZE.png?]
And now that your ultimate "grail figure" has been completed... what happens next?   Oh My
They're not dolls, they're action figures!

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