I had a dolly day today...
For the first time in I don't know how long, I got out all of my dolls, and re-dressed them. It took most of the day! I hope you are ready for some dolly spam  LOL

I came to realise that some of my dolls and their things are really old.. a few things are falling to bits, and we have some yellowing going on :sad which I guess is to be expected when my first doll was acquired 10 years ago now!! 

[Image: 50123238776_05dab18cb2_z.jpg]
Luna and Meg, rocking the Barbie dresses. I need to do some research for Luna, I'm never quite 100% happy with her outfits. This Barbie dress is a bit of a go to for her, but the fit around her bust bugs the heck out of me! (she's on an S bust).

[Image: 50123238216_88efaa67f8_z.jpg]
Audrey & Lucy. I feel this outfit is a little plain for Audrey, but she still looks cute :smile Lucy is a recent revamp! I'd had her in a frilly little dress for years, and just couldn't settle on any kind of style for her. Yesterday I changed her chips for something a little more interesting, and tried this outfit on her... and now I'm thinking the skater girl-cute kinda vibe is working well for her.

[Image: 50122673713_c6849e631a_z.jpg]
Miley and Matilda. Excuse Matilda's bizarre pose, her head is mega wobbly! She is scheduled for dolly surgery tomorrow. She's actually only just been obitsu'd and had her style decided.. she's been sat in a drawer still on her stock body for years! Yesterday I decided to finally get her sorted. So she's now Obitsu'd, her wig is a maybe, I have a long wavy one on order (still pink), and I'm really liking her style, so likely I'll stick with the pink & cute look for her.

[Image: 50122673143_c80b458a41_z.jpg]
Erin & her guy. Erin was my first ever doll, I did her face-up myself, although I've done much better dolls since! (Luna, Meg and Jinx) I'm tempted to get her done by a someone else, as I've done her face 2 or 3 times now, and just don't fancy trying it again myself. Her guy is a Myu custom, he's stunning... but I've never named him! 

[Image: 50122672393_9936768dca_z.jpg]
Lily & Daisy, Meg's little sisters <3 love these two, cannot wait to get/make them more cute little matching outfits! Excuse their horrendously frizzy wigs, apparently being in a drawer means doll wigs get in a total state... go figure.

I did a before shot of Ginny as I love her outfit so much:
[Image: 50122671513_cf73c5b207_z.jpg]

[Image: 50123458982_d86fb96e23_z.jpg]
Jinx & Ginny. This is the first time I've actually dressed Jinx up properly, I've always been really unsure what to put her in, but I actually really like this outfit, and feel a black and white theme will work well for her. Ginny is wearing a corset that I had custom made, I really love it, and may get a purple one made for her at some point.. If I can remember/find who did this one!

[Image: 50123458702_aeea38ab5a_z.jpg]
Fenn & Brianne. Not 100% sure on the purple trousers on Fenn, but I love the style of them on her <3 Loving this outfit on Brianne, it feels exactly right for her.

[Image: 50123234146_632031efa1_z.jpg]
Mollie & Sam. It is so hard to find cute clothes for Dal & Isul! All Sammy's clothes were made by me (apart from his hat, which was an Etsy purchase), and I really need to try and get some Dal clothes patterns up together (the t-shirts I made for the twins are a little snug).

[Image: 50122669693_be0c79e9c6_z.jpg]
Skylar & Kenna. These girls are twins, with very different styles. Kenna has been in the same outfit for years, I can't bring myself to change her as it just seems so perfect on her. Skylar is a work in progress, I don't have many clothes that really work on her, but this outfit gives the look I am going for.

[Image: 50123457197_7f7fda30f6_z.jpg]
Meg & Jake. These two are a couple, and are 2 of my oldest dolls.. Meg was my second. I love their styles, and have lots of cute outfits for them. I made most of Jake's clothes.

[Image: 50122668493_e6fe58821e_z.jpg]
Sam and Jake are brothers.

[Image: 50123455057_de76cb493d_z.jpg]
Polly & Kitty. Polly is another I need to work on a bit, I've had her a long time, and her style is set in my mind, but I don't have many clothes that work for her. I have all sorts for Kitty, anything rainbow and fun works well on her :smile

[Image: 50122666608_dc88b22266_z.jpg]
Twinkle & Dot, little cuties! All of their clothes are from Nubanded on Etsy.

[Image: 50122666343_0e77449a1e_z.jpg]
This is Darcy. I bought her for my younger sister to see if I could sway her into the doll hobby. It was an epic fail, and when I discovered Darcy head down in the gift bag in my sisters bedroom I suggested I maybe look after her for her  LOL I generally dress her in things that remind me of my sister lol. 

Last but not least, these 3 girls are WIP, and don't have a style yet:
[Image: 50123229286_5a5ec99327_z.jpg]

I think that totals 27 dolls! Goodness me, I hadn't counted them until now.

I hope you enjoyed the dolly spam! smile

Whoops! Forgot doll 28! I couldn't re-dress her, as her head fell off  Oh My another one scheduled for dolly surgery tomorrow...

[Image: 50123450802_d35ff79af9_z.jpg]
Kacey, Kitty's big sister.

Adorable! I love how they all have distinct styles.
Oh wow, that's a lot of dolls to redress, pose and picture! Good job, and thanks for sharing, it was lovely to get to know them all smile They are all cool, and I too love how they have distinct styles and different personalities. I always like when there's thought going into a doll, and they evolve from plastic collectibles to distinctive beings with developed personalities.
While I tried, I didn't manage to find one favourite. I have to point it out that I love love love Skylar's wig! Do you possibly remember where it is from? I think I've seen it before on a Tangkou doll (and that picture was pretty much the last kick I needed to give in and get a Tangkou).

I also love many of the clothes they have there - and wow, you made some of them yourself!? That's awesome! Are you possibly planning to get back into sewing and reopen your Etsy shop? Just had a quick look, and that too had some great items! I've been meaning to take up sewing for my dolls (on a more regular than the super-occasional once-in-a-year basis that is now...), but it's difficult with my perfectionism-induced anxiety that convinces me the end result will be poop even before I get down to work 8(
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That is nice you had a chance to take your dolls out and play.

I hope all is going well for you, missed you posting here but I know you have a busy job.
dargosmydaddy - thankyou! smile

Loona - thankyou! I put a lot of thought and work into my dollies, I used to write a little biography for each doll, which I should update really. Skylar's wig is beautiful, it's one of the ones that never frizzes, and is always soft and smooth. I buy all my wigs on Ebay, I just had a quick look and can't see that one on there, I did likely buy it quite a few years ago.

Your dolls have the coolest headwear, or maybe they just make it look great.
What a fun time you must have had, giving them all a little bit of attention.

Love they all have their own style & personality, that’s like ours are, well, the personality bit anyway. They all share clothes generally.
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Hello there! Nice to see you back. What a fun bunch of dolls; I imagine it took a long time to set up and photograph all of them.
Jinx is intriguing; I think she might be my favourite here. Fenn is very pretty, and wow, Polly! She’s an Aya?? Those eyes!
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
As Alliecat says: wow, Polly!

Looks like a mega-fun day! Actually, it looks like a week's worth of fun in one afternoon!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Ah, this looks like it was such a fun time for you! And the redressing all looks fantastic!
ladywindsor, yes all is going well thank you smile I have been a bit poorly recently, but am now recovering.

Elfy, thanks! I do love some decent headwear for my dolls, it makes their outfits all the more fun!

Lejays17, yes it was fun smile I had trouble dragging myself away when it was teatime!

Alliecat, I didn't really put much effort into the photographs.. I'm terrible at trying to set up good photographs, and get frustrated very quickly... so I just propped them up by the door where I was sat lol smile I just wanted a quick snap of their outfits to share. Polly is an Aya, yes, she has custom eye chips in, but I do love her face up, she's so beautiful <3

davidd, it probably was a weeks worth of fun grin A little bit more Polly spam:
[Image: 14268481744_5f54edcf06_z.jpg]DSC01819

werepuppy, yes it was! I felt like I needed some dolly therapy smile

Wow… I almost re-chipped my Aya on the spot when I got her at PUDDLE since people were selling eyechips and someone offered to do it for me… Then I decided I’d like to get to know her photographically first before changing things. But wow, these eyes make me wonder if I should have…
[Image: 52753689362_648099ee70_o.jpg]
[Image: 52754230731_a6068b46d4_o.jpg][Image: 50534896333_d4a2b8e718_o.jpg][Image: 52754472289_1f6d6c34b1_o.jpg][Image: 49782607208_b108a0ee26_o.jpg]
Oh, Polly, what a flirt!

Yeah, those custom eye chips are cool!
They're not dolls, they're action figures!
Nice close up, really does show off the eyes.
Wow, I really love the colour combination in her eyes!
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