~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2023~
Week thirty-two
A rare non-Groove week... About a year ago I fell in love with a little doll on someone's Instagram... they had picked it up at a doll meet and didn't know what it was, but it had the cutest face. Fast forward to recently, and I ran across the same type of doll on a different Instagram, this time identified as a Finger Ding doll hybrid. By searching further on Instagram, Flickr, and ebay, I discovered there were three varieties, with bright pink, blue, and yellow hair but identical sassy faces. They were finger puppet type dolls from the 60s, but nowadays people have rebodied the heads on other doll bodies.

Prices on ebay varied and I put a bunch on my watchlist as I tried to research potential bodies... but then the seller of the one hybrid on my list sent me an offer for $10 off the list price, and I went for it, figuring the price wasn't far off to what it would cost me to buy a head and a body, and eliminated the stress of removing the head/ getting it to fit on the new body (which I encountered lately with a different doll project... it worked out in the end, but was definitely not fun!). 

I had second thoughts after ordering, but fell in love with her the minute she arrived-- she's just so darn cute! Meet Judy.

[Image: 124753928_437e48eb8eaf909cc70210e761e9c015_large.jpg]

She's on a Licca body and is currently wearing a Barbie dress. She is rerooted with brushed yarn hair. At some point I may get her a friend with original hair-- I really love both the blue and pink versions-- but right now she's enjoying being a one-of-a-kind in my collection.

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