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Quote:I'd never heard of them either and had to look them up. I read you could order them from Post cereal boxes. Dunno if that's right, but, it must have been an American thing. I see there is an astronaut boy and a Monkees one, so will you get her a gal-pal or a boyfriend?? 

I am usually all about the boy dolls, but I find the boy Finger Dings kind of disturbing-looking. I was actually looking at vintage Allan dolls (similar side-eye look, snub nose, and general adorableness as the Finger Ding girls), but apparently the Barbie movie has made Allan dolls a hot commodity if recent ebay sales are anything to go by, so Judy is going to go solo for now.

Quote:What was your rebody project?

I got a couple of slightly defective Redberry heads on ebay, and have been... working on them. Slowly. And disgruntledly. I did manage to re-body one (still waiting on the body for the other, and they both still need wigs) on a Disney doll body, which involved getting the head off the Disney doll first, which eventually involved hacking through the doll's head with scissors because it refused to just pop off. It wasn't pretty. 

Week thirty-three
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