~dargosmydaddy's a-doll-a-week 2023~
Quote:Is that a hardy hibiscus in the background?

It is! And for once we're in our own yard and not photo-bombing someone else's garden smile

Quote:I wanna see pics of the botched Disney doll decapitation project!

I should have taken a picture; it was gruesome. The butchered head has already been discarded, but a second doll has just arrived for the same purpose so I may have to do it again (unless this head wants to pop off easily? pretty please?).

Quote:Awww... what a cutie pie this one is! Is that a stock face-up or an understated custom, with the blush on the cheeks and the highlight in the center of the lips?

Stock face-up of Pullip Katrina. She's a stunner!

Week thirty-four
[Image: 126017765_2485601918e99b8eb1bda253e693d08b_large.jpg]

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